We have seen this before…

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He has no answers...

With great power comes great responsibility. This is the phrase that I keep coming back to when trying to revisit the Miami Heat loss to the NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks just 3 days ago.

Since their victory the Mavericks have shifted to an afterthought and the story has become why did Miami and mainly Lebron lose this finals? Fairly or unfairly this story isn’t going away and it won’t for the foreseeable future. Not until Lebron wins a title.

Michael had it, Tiger had it, Kobe had it, Wilt had it, Ali had it, and Lebron has it. Freakish athletic ability that allows you to do things in your sport that few people are even capable of dreaming about. Like Lebron these other men all enjoyed their fair share of criticism. Because, like Lebron, they are and were so gifted athletically that winning was the only thing that the public would allow. Any sports fan, I can guarantee has made the comment, “Well if I was that athletic I would just go to the rim every time and dunk.” or “If I was that strong I would just run people over” or “Man I wish I had his ability I wouldn’t waste it.” But really would you?

People who have never had to deal with the things that professional athletes deal with have no idea what it is to have their lives. So here is the situation, you are a multimillionaire, you get paid to play a sport, shoot commercials, and make appearances, you get the money regardless, only you can’t ever say anything stupid in public, and by all means you cannot LOSE and if you do it is all your fault! I know that I get stressed out when I upset a friend or co-worker, now you are telling me I have millions of people who are pissed at me? And if I lose I am letting down millions of people who once believed in me?

Now you take the men I mentioned above, the icons if you will, who were held to an even higher standard. They are not allowed to let pressure get to them because we say so? How dare you act human in front of millions of people rooting for you to fail!! (Sarcasm folks!)

Now I don’t disagree that Lebron like all those guys before him hasn’t done the best job trying to gain our sympathy, but their was a time where everyone hated Kobe, Ali, Tiger(He is in the middle of his hatefest, maybe he and Lebron should go to Denny’s or Ihop and talk about it), Wilt, and even MJ. All of these men had their hiccups, their screw ups(or just screws TI-GERRR!) and all had reasons for being hated and all of those went away when they won.(Still waiting Tiger)

The past is forgotten by winning and winning a lot. It is forgotten by performing at the highest level when your team or your sport commands it. That’s why we love the icons so much, they delivered when they were supposed to deliver. The only reason they were able to do that time after time is because of the failures they went through to get them to that elite level.

So sure Lebron didn’t play in the Finals the way he did in the Boston or Chicago series. The way we have been dying for him to consistently play since he entered the NBA. But if both those series told us anything it’s that the ability to do so is in there somewhere.

Lebron has it in him to make shots and dominate games. To get to the rim when ever he wants, to get a triple double and be a lock down defender. The only problem is he only doesn’t when HE wants to and not when WE want him to . I think the greatest compliment that can ever be given to Michael Jordan is that he WAS Michael Jordan every time he stepped on the floor. He played his guts out and gave the fans and his teammates the same great player every single night no matter if it was in November or in Game 4, 5, or 6(haha little jab at Lebron) of the Finals , he was MJ, His Airness, the greatest of all time every single time he took the floor! If Lebron learns anything from this whole experience it should be that we want the 35 point, 12 rebound, 9 assist, 3 steals and 2 blocks Lebron every single night because anything else would be a waste of your great gift or power if you will…remember Lebron with great power comes great responsibility.


We had him first America….back off.

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It happens every March, America falls in love with Gus Johnson for a 2 week period. Guess what? We enjoy him year round…hell, we named our website after the guy. That doesn’t mean that we think these parody videos that are popping up all over the interweb aren’t great though. They’re a fantastic tribute to the finest pipes on the planet. We love you Gus, and don’t forget that we were here first.

This was far far too good not to post…. Take a ride on Farve’s Private Jet

What should Brett do? I honestly don’t know or care. However whoever decided to do this has a full standing applause from me.


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2010 becomes 2011 continued

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Boxing continues to be one of Americas forgotten sports. In one of my first posts on this blog I wrote about how Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. needed to fight to save boxing and nearly a year later the fight still hasn’t happened. Both have fought and both have won easily, but they have yet to fight each other. To make boxing even more irrelevant the heavyweight division is still without a major superstar. So the question is…

Will Pacquioa and Mayweather fight? Will the Klitschko brothers fight each other and give people something to talk about.

Answer: Pacquioa’s next fight has already been determined and that is against and over the hill Sugar Shane Mosely(Less sugar and more molasses last time I checked). Mayweather on the other hand will be fighting the law after numerous allegations were brought up against him. Will these two fight? I say yes, just not when anyone cares anymore. I feel like this will be a fight that happens late in both of their careers when they are not the tremendous fighters they are today.

As for the Klitschkos… noway this happens but wouldn’t it be great to see them duke it out? Not only would it unify 3 belts but what would be better than watching two brothers beat the hell out of each other!

Celtics won round 1… Lakers won round 1 and 1/2 and round 2. Round 3? Both are on a collision course once again to meet in the finals. This year however both paths are far more difficult, So the question is…

Will the NBA Finals be Lakers vs. Celtics?

Answer: No! Not only are the Lakers are too old, but they still have to go through the west. The Spurs are better, the Mavericks are playing defense, and the Thunder are better. The Celtics have to go through, wait for it…THE EAST! I know shocking right! The not only have to battle the Magic and the Bulls, but there is this little team in Miami that is starting to figure things out. One of the two may make it but I have a hard time believing that both will get there.

You remember this guy right? He was and still is the best golfer in the world. Sure he had a rough 2010, but who didn’t really? Sure his was far worse than most people on the planet but whose to say he can’t bounce back. So the question is…

Will Tiger Woods fix his golf game and start winning again?

Answer: PGA Tour you have been warned. Tiger fell off so much that other golfers actually started talking smack! If struggling through an entire golf season wasn’t bad enough, other golfers actually not fearing Tiger was the last straw. I foresee Tiger going bananas this year and leaving a clear path of destruction in his wake. Wins, Wins, and more wins.

Bonus question: Will Tiger Woods start dating again?

Bonus Answer: Now I would love nothing more than Tiger to start dating either Lindsey Lohan or Brittney Spears, but after the year he had I just can’t imagine him dating so soon. If he does date however I expect the women to be someone from high society without any history of any shady past whatsoever.


Both the NFL and NBA are in golden eras and both are in jeopardy of not having seasons next year. So the question is…

Will the NBA and NFL have lockouts next year?

Answer: David Stern and Roger Goddell call Bud Selig and ask him how 1994 was, PLEASE!!! No one wants to see a strike. In the NFL it would mean players like Tom Brady, Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson, and Andre Johnson wasting prime years of their careers. In the NBA it would be a loss for Lebron James, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, and Kobe Bryant. Both leagues have never been better so hopefully these labor negotiations can be worked out before we lose any basketball or football.

2010 was a great year in sports and hopefully 2011 can be even better. Hopefully we will soon be able to find out the answers to all these questions! Happy New Years from SOGJ!

2010 becomes 2011

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Its been a while and a lot has happened that has not been blogged by your favorite writers here at SOGJ but a new year means a fresh start.

Sitting around deciding what to write about has been the hardest part of jumping back onto the blog. I didn’t whether to write a year in review or a prediction of things to come so I decided to combine the two ideas. The year that was and the questions the create for next year.

1. Brett Favre’s NFL Future

For 20 years Brett Favre has played in the NFL and finally after this season that may come to an end. After an amazing 2009-2010 season Brett came back after his annual, “I may reitre”, “I don’t know what I am doing”, “I want to play.” fall fiasco to play one of the toughest seasons ever by an NFL player. Now it is no secret I am not a fan of Brett Favre but I have to give the man respect for being an absolute warrior playing through multiple injuries that individually would sideline most men but he played with all of them. A fractured ankle, a concussion, a sore shoulder, a sore elbow, a fractured foot, and a broken reputation(thanks Jenn Sterger). So the question is…

Will Brett Favre retire?

The answer: Most likely I think he will. Now that being said it would not surprise me in the least bit if we see number 4 in purple and gold next year.

After a stellar college career Tim Tebow was suprisingly drafted in the first round by the Denver Broncos. Former head coach Josh McDaniels traded up to the first round to get the Captain of Team Jesus, even though most projections had him as a 4th round pick at very best. Most of the uncertainty was based around the fact that it took Tebow 3 days to wind up and throw the football. So what did Tebow do? He changed his throwing motion and eliminated his hitch. This was a positive sign that Tebow one day may be an effective NFL QB. Then the Broncos signed starting quarterback Kyle Orton to and extension, effectively ending any chance for Tebow to start for the foreseeable future. Flash forward 6 months, fire Josh McDaniels, take the Broncos out of the playoffs and Tim Tebow gets his chance to start and after two games he has looked good! So the question is…

Will Tim Tebow be a starting quarterback in the NFL for the next ten years?

The answer: I think yes. From what we know about Tebow is that he has the will of Rocky Balboa, the determination of a stubborn child, and Jesus on his side. He wants to prove all of America wrong that he can play.

Coach K has had 2 and a half of the best coaching years in the history of basketball. First he led the Redeem Team to the 2008 Olympic Gold Medal, then he led the his Duke Blue Devils to the National Title, and he followed that by leading Team USA to the World Championships. He will soon break the record for all time wins by a coach in NCAA history and his team is currently ranked number 1 again. So the question is…

Will Duke win another title and is Coach K the greatest coach ever?

I think that Duke will repeat in a walk. They are clearly the best team in the country, with the deepest lineup, and the best players. As far as the greatest coach ever I think he is certainly making a case for it. If in 2012 he leads Team USA to another gold medal there are few other coaches who have done what he has accomplished.

To be continued…

That Wrangler guy

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Well it’s been a few months since the last time we have posted anything but what topic would be better than, you guessed it, Brett Favre! After yet another off season of the will he won’t he game Brett showed up to training camp late. The difference is that this year his receiving corps has been decimated by injury. Percy Harvin has had chronic migraines and a bad hip and Sidney Rice will miss who knows how much more time recovering from hip surgery. Now if that was Brett’s only problem I would not be writing this! Last week a report was published that while Brett, a married man, played for the Jets he sent inappropriate pictures to a Jets sideline reporter. Let’s just say they were of little Brett. Really Brett sending pictures of your dong to try to convince a girl to date you, and your married! Now of course all of this is alleged but if you listen to the desperate voicemail he also left it’s pretty pathetic and I believe it is the old gunslingers voice.
So where does this leave Favre? We he is the starting quarterback of a 1-3 Vikings team and he has a bum ankle and elbow and a pending NFL investigation looming over his head. Can you imagine the guys conducting the investigation?
NFL security: Brett we are going to need you to take your wranglers off.
Brett: Uh guys these pants are Uh real…comfortable…
NFL security: Yea we know Brett we have seen the commercial, we need to compare you to the photo.
Brett: Uh you know you don’t have to do that. I mean I I am not making excuses but my arm hurts.
NFL security: Brett we aren’t the media we know your old. Now let us do our job! And if we can’t convince you we have Ryan Longwell, Jared Allen, and Steve Hutchinson in the hall waiting to help.
Brett: Well only because its for the team.
Or something along those lines anyway. This week they play Dallas and I have a feeling it will be the beginning of the end for our friend Brett! That is until next fall!

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SlamBall and Rock ‘n’ Jock, where did you go?

August 25, 2010 2 comments

Sports change all the time. Today it was announced that the NFL will possibly change to an 18 game season as soon as 2012, as long as there is no lockout. This got me thinking for some reason about my teenage years and two games that I loved, SlamBall and Rock ‘n’ Jock. You know you watched and loved both!

Rock ‘n’ Jock

What do you get when you take NBA players, athletic celebrities, and a basket that is lowered on top of another basket and make it worth 25 points? ROCK ‘N’ JOCK basektball of course. Remember the Violators and the Bricklayers? What about Bill Bellamy(MTV personality) and Dean Cain(TV Superman) leading their teams? This was what made up fake sports was supposed to be. I would still watch this if it were on. Back in the day it was Gary Payton, Chris Webber, and Skinny Shawn Kemp(as opposed to coked up fat Shawn like in his Cleveland Days. This was Seattle Reign Man Shawn.), can you imagine Dwight Howard, Ron Artest, and Stephon Curry in a Rock ‘N’ Jock game!? This would be gold. Tell me you wouldn’t watch MTV again instead of watching teen girls watching their lives fall apart or another 20 something college dropout get hammered! I know I would look forward to this every year. MTV did it right it was cool and not corny like the fake games they have at the all-star game.

They also had the Rock ‘N’ Jock Softball which was of course ruined by allowing super freak athlete/entertainer Nelly compete. He was just to good. Enough said.


Oh SlamBall! How did this idea fail? Trampolines, body checking, and basketball! Although I never watched much SlamBall I have a personal tie to this wonderful sport. You see when one of your best friend’s mom owns a gymnastics studio that has built in floor trampolines you take full advantage of it. Now, how you ask did we set up a basketball hoop in the studio? You take a plastic Play School basketball hoop and you jimmyrig it to a large tumbling mat. Now we didn’t play actual SlamBall but we did have ridiculous dunk contest for the better part of 2 hours! Some where in a basement or attic is a video tape that has all the glorious windmills and reverse between the leg dunks. I can not take credit for any of those amazing dunks but I can however take credit for being a gigantic hype losing my mind dunk after dunk!