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Gator Tears

Poor poor little Timmy Tebow. Can we really still call this man “the beast of the SEC?” I don’t feel that we can.  Saturday’s performance in the SEC Championship game spoke for itself. But, if you need further evidence check the picture above.

I think all of the emotion from ‘Timmy Tears’ was unleashed at the moment he realized that his life is all down hill from here. Let me explain:

  • He’s going to be a late second round pick in the draft, at very best.  (Even Al Davis (aka: The Crypt Keeper) isn’t crazy enough to waste a 1st round pick on him, and that’s saying something.)
  • No more 24/7 ESPN coverage. Sorry Tim, you’re now a nobody.  You may get lucky and land the occasional interview with a Christian news magazine, but that will be the extent of your celebrity.

I understand that losing is tough but come on, crying like a little girl on the sidelines isn’t helping your cause with NFL GM’s. What is this, Pop Warner football? No Timbo, it’s the SEC title game. Man up.

Last year Colt McCoy and the Texas Longhorns had their hearts ripped out by Texas Tech and Michael Crabtree’s stupid athleticism as time ran out and watched their national title hopes go down the drain. Did they cry? No. You know why? Because there’s no crying in football… let me repeat that, THERE IS NO CRYING IN FOOTBALL (Shoutout to my boy Tom Hanks).

I’m not so sure why Tebow acted shocked as the game came to a close. Florida got SCHLACKED from the opening kickoff to the final whistle. Beat in every single way. So sorry about your loss Timmy Tears, I’m sure in the near future you and Ryan Leaf can get a nice studio apartment together somewhere and reminisce about the good old days.

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