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NFL Roundup – Week 13

Vick finished with 2 TD's against his former team

Eagles 34 – Atlanta 7

Some remember Mike Vick as Atlanta’s amazing former QB who revolutionized the position in the early 2000’s. I choose to remember him as that guy in Atlanta who took the direct snap every play and sometimes threw passes. He is also known as my nemesis on any Madden NFL video game from 2001-2006. Dude was “Bo Jackson on Tecmo Super Bowl”-like good and sometimes outlawed from competition all together.

Vick scored 2 TD’s (1 rushing, 1 passing) against his former team and received a smattering a boos from the fanbase who he royally screwed and lied to once played in front of.

Young threw for 241 yards, 2 TD's and 1 INT in a loss against the Fightin' Peyton Mannings.

Colts 27 – Titans 17

The Vince Young mojo has apparently worn off. We all knew it would (except for Mr. Erin Andrews, who admittedly has a VY man crush).

With the win the Colts remain undefeated and extends their regular season win streak to 21 games.  This leaves them far short of Peyton Manning’s record of appearing in at least one commercial in consecutive commercial breaks which stands at 4,580. (On a side note the Sony commercials with Manning and Justin Timberlake are good YouTube material.)

All TD passes from Bruce Gradkowski will now be known as "Kowski-Bombs"

Raiders 27 – Steelers 24

Bruce Gradkowski slung (and yes, I really mean slung, this guys throwing motion makes Hideo Nomo look smooth) a 11-yard TD pass to Louis Murphy with 9 seconds left to beat the defending Super Bowl Champs.

It looks like Omar Epps’s Mike Tomlin’s dramatic speech earlier this week about “Unleashing Hell in December” didn’t work out so well as the Steelers fall to 6-6 and are in danger of missing the playoffs.

Here’s a look at other famous speeches that didn’t end so well:

  • George W’s speech on the USS Abraham Lincoln in front of the ‘Mission Accomlished’ banner
  • Rafael Palmeiro telling Congress that he never took steroids…….period.
  • Any time Principal Belding told Zack Morris that he should quit his shenanigans and pranks and become a productive member of the Bayside High student body.

Moss looks more and more like Kimbo Slice's older, lanky brother.

Dolphins 22 – Patriots 21

For some reason a Patriots losing streak always brings a smile to the faces of everyone at SOGJ. It could be because Bill Belichick is a smug, cocky, toolbox.

The Dolphins won the game on a 41-yard FG from Dan Carpenter. Chad Henne (aka: The Slowest Man in the NFL) threw for a career high 335 yards and 2 TD’s.

While watching the game come to a close, Mr. Erin Andrews had quite the revelation. Belichick went sans-hoody and rocked the more common team polo on the sidelines today and took the L. Somebody should go through the archives and determine his W/L ratio Hoody vs. Polo/Other. Somebody with a lot more free time than us though. I’m not touching that project.

The Saints squeak past the Redskins and move to 12-0.

Game of the Day: Saints 33 – Redskins 30 (OT)

The New Orleans Saints somehow are still undefeated. A missed 23 yard field goal by Redskins kicker Shaun Suisham with 2 minutes to play in the game opened the door for the Saints comeback to tie the game and force overtime.

As a kicker, how is it possible to miss a 23 yard field goal? I understand that there is pressure and a defense to worry about but I’m fairly certain that some SOGJ staff members hit some 20 yard field goals at the local high school stadium last weekend. Sign me up Dan Snyder. Think about it, you couldn’t possibly get flamed as much as you did when you hired Bingo and nap-time coordinator Sherm Lewis to call your offensive plays in the middle of the season. I work for cheap and I’ll even work double duty as a gunner on your punt team (my secret dream job…somebody should send Mike Rowe to do that.).

The Redskins won the toss and wasted no time coughing the game up on a fumble by Thomas Sellers. Drew Brees then went all Drew Brees and led the Saints on a 7 play scoring drive capped off by an 18 yard field goal by newbie Garrett Hartley. (Speaking of Hartley, his 58 yard attempt in the 4th quarter was laughable considering he has never attempted a FG over 50 yards and was squeaking in 49 yarders in pre-game with no snap, hold or defense.)

The Saints narrowly avoided the dreaded ‘trap game’ after an emotional win against the New England Patriots in week 12. The short week, weaker opponent and travel had trouble written all over it. The Saints also take a 2 game advantage over the Vikings in the win column giving them a very good chance at home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Other Week 13 NFL Scores:

Bears 17 – Rams 9

Cardinals 30 – Vikings 17

Panthers 16 – Buccaneers 6

Broncos 44 – Chiefs 13

Saints 33 – Redskins 30

Jaguars 23 – Texans 18

Bengals 23 – Lions 13

Chargers 30 – Browns 23

Giants 31 – Cowboys 24

Seahawks 20 – 49ers 17

Jets 19 – Bills 13

And before anyone asks: No, E.J. Henderson’s leg is not supposed to do that, and I will not be providing video evidence. As if the game itself wasn’t gross enough…

Coming on Monday: MNF Preview (Packers v. Ravens)

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