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Brian Kelly Can’t Resist the Golden Dome…Can He?

...and for your viewing pleasure I give you Erin Andrews. You're welcome.

ESPN.com is reporting that Brian Kelly and Notre Dame officials have increased talks today over the vacant head coaching position for the Fighting Irish football team:

“Things are heating up” with regard to the likelihood that Brian Kelly will become the next Notre Dame head coach, a source close to the Cincinnati coach said Tuesday.

Kelly has had direct communication with representatives for Notre Dame but a decision was made not to have a formal interview with athletic director Jack Swarbrick while they were both in New York City on Tuesday, the source said. Further discussions between Kelly and Notre Dame are expected, said the source, who indicated that no contract had yet been offered but that the entire process could be completed within days.

There’s no way that Brian Kelly turns this down.  This will be a done deal by Thursday, book it.  Brian Kelly has been quoted on record as saying that Cincinnati will not comply to his requests to upgrade facilities and give the Bearcats a chance to compete for top tier recruits and a National Championship on a yearly basis.  Guess who does have Scrooge McDuck sized vaults filled with money and gold coins (great for swimming in by the way!) ready to spend on a struggling football program? Give up? Answer: Notre Dame football boosters.

These gray hairs still think that ND football can return to the glory that it was had for most of the late 20th century.  These are the same people who think that Rush Limbaugh should be President and an annual income under $100k means you live in a box-fort behind a Domino’s.  We all know that the rigid academic standards and the lack of year round ‘hottie weather’ will forever prevent ND from returning to its past glory days…they don’t.

Brian Kelly did state last week that he did not want to talk about the Notre Dame coaching position and that he would stay at Cincinnati, but we’ve seen this dog and pony show before (Ahem, Nick Saban).  He’ll take the fame and money that goes along with the head coaching job at one of the top 10 prestigious programs in the nation, he’ll take the ND job this week.

  1. Berg-Dizzle
    December 9, 2009 at 12:02 pm

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see him sporting a Domer hat at Cincinatti’s bowl game haha

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