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Good for John Daly

If you like golf then you have to love John Daly. There are 10-15 guys at every municipal golf course who look just like JD. He is the guy that makes every golfer think, “Hey, if that overweight guy can do it then I could probably play on the PGA Tour.” Now if you have ever actually played golf you know thats really not true, but John gave you that hope.

We all love that he is sponsored by Hooters (dropped in mid 2009), his one and only swing thought is “Grip it and Rip it”, and that he drives an RV to golf events. He is the closest thing to the real life version of Roy “Tin Cup” McAvoy (Tin Cup, greatest golf movie ever, in my opinion,2nd: Happy Gilmore, 3rd: Greatest Game Ever Played, Addition: I truly apologize I forgot Caddy Shack. This movie however is no mere golf movie it is one of the greatest movies ever).

Daly even had former NFL head coach Jon Gruden caddy for him following a rain delay during a tournament in 2008 (It was later confirmed that Daly and Gruden were hanging out in the beer tent during the delay where he was also seen flipping the bird to media cameras…seriously, this guy rocks.).

Not only is his talent really good, but his struggles with his own demons have been epic. He has battled alcoholism in the public eyes for the better part of a decade. Whether he was lighting up on the course, dropping out of tournaments, battling alcohol withdrawls mid-round or just having meltdowns, John didn’t hide it or run from it, he owned it.

There is something about this you can respect. Everybody was always rooting for him to figure it out again and get his life back on track.

I hope that this is the time that he can show his talent and get back to winning tournaments and being the guy that made him fun to watch.

Grip it and Rip it John.

On a side note: He has recently lost 115 pounds! That’s the equivalent weight of a 6th grader for those scoring at home.

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  1. December 9, 2009 at 9:26 am

    He is the only reason I took up golf. A real American Hero.

  2. Berg-Dizzle
    December 9, 2009 at 12:00 pm

    John Daly is amazing. Even when he was playing terrible golf you never knew what you were going to see while he was on the course. He also endorsed some sweet wilson golf clubs at one point and time. Rick Reily has an awesome chapter on Daly in his book, “Who’s Your Caddy.” Hopefully he can get his life figured out and find what he’s looking for

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