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Hair Polamalu Could Miss Rest of Season

The Head and Shoulders curse strikes again.

The Head and Shoulders guy may not be partaking in the Hair-4 defense for the Pittsburgh Steelers anytime soon.

ESPN.com is reporting that the injury to Palamalu’s knee suffered against the Cincinnati Bengals in week 10 still has not healed enough to practice or see game action and that no time table has been set for his return.

Palamalu has been sidelined by injuries almost all season since suffering a different knee injury in week 1 and the usually stout Steelers defense is feeling the loss of its spark plug.

Pittsburgh’s pass defense is ranked 17th in the NFL after week 13. Last season with a healthy Hair Palamalu the Steelers had the NFL’s top ranked pass defense.

Related note: I’m fairly certain that I’ve been drilled by the Troy Palamalu Head and Shoulders commercials from both radio and TV about 7,345 times during this NFL season. That’s roughly 7,344 times too many.

  1. Berg-Dizzle
    December 9, 2009 at 11:57 am

    agreed. the commercials are a bit much. Polamalu gets all the credit for the decline of the defense while starting CB William Gay has also been often injured. With both out, the Steelers have mainly relied on rookies… not gonna get it done

    still no excuse for losing to the raiders

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