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The Hoody Gets Mean

ESPN.com is reporting that New England Patriots head coach, and all-around super douche, Bill Belichick sent four Patriots players home from the team’s practice facility after they were late to a team meeting on Wednesday:

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Four New England Patriots players, including receiver Randy Moss, were sent home from Gillette Stadium for being late for an 8 a.m. meeting Wednesday, The Providence Journal reported.

How Bill Belichick enforces discipline and keeps the Patriots focused will be key in determining whether they will be a contender or fade into mediocrity. Mike Reiss

In addition to Moss, the other players were defensive end Derrick Burgess and linebackers Adalius Thomas and Gary Guyton, according to the report. The players were apparently delayed by weather conditions, and will reportedly not be able to participate in team events Wednesday. All four were absent from Wednesday afternoon’s practice.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick did not confirm the report.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let’s back this truck up a bit. Belichick did not confirm a report? I find that hard to believe.  Typically Hood Man is the media’s best friend.  Laughing it up with reporters and shooting zany one liners are his thing right?  If I was a member of the Boston media I would just stop showing up to his press conferences.  The guy never has anything insightful to say and is possibly the worst interview in all of sports.

Randy Moss was asked how he would pay for a possible fine for being late to today’s meeting.  Here’s how he replied:

(That clip is so underrated. Old school Randy Moss was awesome. Remember when he ran over a cop???)

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