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No, Shaq. You’re Wrong.

Here’s an idea for Hollywood executives: put a camera crew on Cleveland Cavaliers C Shaquille O’Neal at all times like that movie Ed TV.

There is no doubt in my mind that it would be the most watched reality show on television. Shaq is one of the most likeable characters in sports and he is a soundbite waiting to happen.

He has been saying crazy things since he first got into the NBA seventeen years ago.

Today Shaq claimed that his 24 year old teammate, Sir LeBron James, answers to all of the planet’s problems, could coach in the NBA. Here’s the kicker…Shaq didn’t mean when LeBron was a retired 45 year old Hall of Famer. He meant that Bron Bron could coach in the NBA right now. Are you kidding me? Come on now Shaq.

We know that you love being second banana and love praising the King whenever the opportunity arises, but does Lebron really need more praise?

There is no way that LeBron could coach in the league right now. He’d make Vinny Del Negro look like John Wooden.

Now don’t get me wrong, Shaq is great for sports and I cannot wait until TNT or ESPN pays him to sit behind a desk and spit about sports in front of a camera. My fingers are crossed that TNT hires him so that he and Charles Barkley can team up and become the greatest quote machine of all time.

I really hope that this happens within the next five years so Shaq will get to comment on his former coaches and teammates in Los Angeles and Orlando, or just anyone he doesn’t like, because you know he won’t hold back.


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