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Scott Boras Runs Baseball

Nice turtleneck.

Find me a baseball fan that doesn’t hate super agent Scott Boras. He’s an arrogant, money hungry toolbox.

But, if I was a top MLB free agent I would want Boras in my corner during negotiations.

Of all the deals that have happened at this year’s MLB Winter Meetings, Scott Boras is the agent for seven of the players involved. Boras is currently shopping his hottest commodity, slugging left fielder (and 2009 NLDS Defensive MVP) Matt Holliday. Boras has pushed Holliday’s asking price through the roof and nobody is biting.

I would love to be in a meeting with Boras, Tiger Woods, Muhammed Ali, and Michael Jordan. Although he’d be surrounded by greatness (and semi-professional adulterers), Boras would still think that he was the most important person in the room.

There is something that I can respect about that, but then again this is something that makes Boras one of the most hated men in the game.

Out of the largest contracts in sports history, Boras has had a hand in six of the top thirty deals. This puts his net worth around a half of a billion dollars.

We will see if in the weeks following the MLB Winter Meetings if Boras is smiling his smug, sleaze-ball smile even more because he has found somebody to pony up for Matt Holliday.

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