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A Whole New Generation of Farve-Ness

That’s right, just when you thought that veteran quarterback Brett Favre was getting close to riding off into the sunset, there a whole new generation of gunslinger headed to town.

According to Rivals.com, Dylan Favre, the famous nephew of #4, is fresh off of a record setting senior season which included a Mississippi 4A state title capping off a season in which he basically lit up every defense that opposed him.

Here was Mini-Favre’s stat line in the state title game: 369 passing yards, 3 passing TD’s, 51 yards rushing, and 2 rushing TD’s.

Oh, did I mention that he plays defense and special teams too? Unlike uncle Brett he isn’t just throwing interceptions, he’s catching interceptions as well. Lil’ Favre had 1 INT and 17 tackles in the state title game while playing strong safety.

This kid is bananas! His high school career stat sheet is basically the Mississippi staterecord book.

Chew on these statistical records: total offensive yards: 14,175 yards, touchdowns responsible for: 169, and touchdown passes: 144.

In just his senior season Favre has had three 500 yard passing performances and just missed his fourth with a 498 yard outing. He passed for 5,539 yards, rushed for 1,228 yards, and was a part of 81 touchdowns (63 of which came using his Favreically enchanced cannon arm).

The young Favre has the same affection for career records as his future Hall of Fame uncle does.

Check out these career marks: 2nd in average total yards per game in a single season (453.4), 3rd in total yards in a single season (6,347 yards), and 5th in total yards for a career (14,175). DISCLAIMER: Those aren’t Mississippi ranks, those are national ranks.

Yes, that’s right. Dylan Favre has had a better high school career than just about every QB currently on an NFL roster.

Dylan has one more thing in common with his uncle: Southern Mississippi. Brett Favre’s alma-mater, Southern Miss, has extended a scholarship offer to Dylan. Favre still has no committed to a school.

You never know though, maybe Favre 2.0 will go to Ole Miss and have a pretty good career. He then stands a good chance to get drafted by the Atlanta Falcons, get traded to the Packers, set some NFL records and capture the hearts of Americans.
If he gets real lucky he’ll follow his uncle into the Wrangler gold mine, get stabbed in the back by Ted Thompson, Get traded to the New York Jets for a year, retire again, then make Brad ‘Chilly’ Childress pick him up from the airport and sign with the Minnesota Vikings while ripping the hearts out of the chests of every single Packers fan.

(While doing this he will be annoying the living crap out of SOGJ author, Superman for reasons still undetermined.)

I guess only time will tell. Until then we’ll just have to enjoy, or despise, the one Farve we do have right now.

  1. Chris Jung
    December 11, 2009 at 3:30 pm

    This is a Great Article (although I may be a little biased having an admitted man crush on Brett)! I love the talk about any Favre — whether it be Brett, Dylan or Brittany (Brett’s daughter – she’s smokin!). There is just one important detail you forgot to mention in all of this talk. Size! Dylan is a tiny 5’10” 185 lbs – much smaller than the 6’2″ 225 lb Brett. A typical NFL QB in this day and age ranges from 6’2″ – 6’6″ and 220 lbs to 260 lbs. The only QB I can think of with a comparable height and weight combo to be successful in the NFL was “The Wee One” Flutie at 5’9″. Just some food for thought.

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