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Hockey Players = Awesome

Let’s face it, hockey is the best sport that no one cares about. People should start watching.

Today it was announced that 51 year old Slava Fetisov will suit up and play for CSKA Moscow in a competitive game in the Continental Hockey League according to ESPN.com.

Are you freaking kidding me? 51! That’s utterly fantastic.

What’s even better is that Fetisov is playing defense. That means that grandpa will get to put some whipper-snappers into the boards and put his body in front the net and deflect some slap shots. (There are few things scarier than taking a dive on the ice to stop a slapshot that’s moving at 100 mph, but these guys are crazy).

This is not the first time that an old man has put on the skates and the pads and gotten back on the ice. In 1979 Gordie Howe played an entire NHL season with the Hartford Whalers at the age of 51. He even put up 41 points with the Whalers, not too bad for a guy who was a few years short of getting his AARP card.

They should let more old guys suit up, granted they can still physically play.

Barry Bonds would play until he was 60 years old and would still get intentionally walked 97 times a year. Of course, he would still look like a 25 year old Venice Beach body builder. Was it the creme or the clear Barry?

MJ would probably never, ever, ever retire, and he would still average double figures if he came back next week. Take that Bryon Russell…

Doug Flutie would still be really short and spend his time kicking old school field goals and pimping Flutie Flakes.

Even if Fetisov gets hurt because of his age, he still will play hard because hockey players are as intense as it gets, and that’s just how they’re wired.

Watch out when he comes back to his retirement villa’s shuffle board courts when his hockey career is over. He may cross check someone out of their Hoveround.

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  1. December 10, 2009 at 9:53 pm

    Let’s not forget Chris Chelios. That guy is still trying to play. That is the thing about hockey players, many of them truley do play for the love of the game. Sure money motivates everyone, but many would play for free. Look at hockey’s minor leagues compared to other sports. You have guys mid- thirties and older still trying to play even double A hockey for a few hundred bucks a game. Not because they couldnt get a job at Taco Bell for the same pay, but because nothing is better than lacing up your skates and going into battle on a frozen rink for 60 minutes. They dont love the 5 hour bus trips with kids young enough to be there own. It is the competition, the struggles of defeat and the glory of victory.

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