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Pat Patriot is a Pimp

December 12, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Thanks to our Twitter follower @annabethpalmer for sending us the link to today’s oddest story. (Unless something new comes from ‘TigerGate,’ and I’d say there’s probably a pretty good chance of that.)

This story is a gold mine for good bar chatter tonight. You’re welcome.

From MSN.com Sports:

A man who acts as a mascot for the New England Patriots is among 14 people who have been arrested for prostitution-related crimes in Rhode Island since a new law went into effect that banned indoor prostitution.

The bill signed into law in November made prostitution a misdemeanor crime regardless of where it occurs. Previously, indoor prostitution was allowed because of a legal loophole.

State Police say Robert Sormanti of Warwick was among those arrested in an undercover sting at a hotel. The Providence Journal reports Sormanti is among the team’s mascots.

The Patriots said in a statement that multiple people wear the mascot costume and that the “individual in question” has been suspended.

A phone message left at Sormanti’s home Friday evening was not immediately returned.

First, Tiger Woods and now Pat Patriot? Who are our children supposed to look up to now America?!?

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