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Two Takes on the Tiger Fiasco

We here at SOGJ have been following the Tiger Woods headlines rather closely since the car accident heard around the world occurred on Friday, November 27th. Here are two different looks at who is to blame for this mess and what the future holds:

Not so tough now, are ya buddy?

Why You Can’t Blame Tiger (By: Superman):

I feel bad for Elin Nordegren. I think that she does not deserve to  have her personal life and its problems displayed on news station and gossip magazine while and her life crumbles around her.  It’sawful. But here’s where I differ from almost everybody on this issue, I don’t think you can blame Tiger.

Since Tiger was a child he has been trained and programed, primarily by his father Earl Woods, to win at all costs. This means that he does not allow any result in anything other than a complete victory. Through his years of junior golf, college golf and then into his professional career, Tiger has done nothing but dominate. Along the way he has built up a sense of invincibility that has allowed him to excel at the very highest level in the world of golf.  Now, that same swagger has caused his meteoric downfall.

Tiger never thought he would get caught while participating in his many “transgressions.” (Early nominee and leader in the clubouse for 2010 word of the year, by the way. If this Tiger story holds on until March, then it’s a lock.)  If he was caught in the act of cheating on his wife (the supermodel) it would have meant that he lost (especially if he was caught with the Perkins waitress…double loss), and if we know only know one thing about Tiger Woods anymore it is that he just does not accept failure.  I believe that him cheating on his wife became part of a mentally twisted game in Tiger’s head. He then became so obsessed with winning this ‘game’ that the cheating and lies became second nature. After all, Tiger was just trying to win.

That makes Tiger Woods the adulterer the same person that his parents created, that the media and the golfing community has encouraged, and the same fiery competitor that Elin married. So can we really blame Tiger for being himself?

It is no secret that Tiger ran in circles with Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley.  These two were known for their infidelity and party habits and perhaps Woods was just trying to keep up with his buddies.

The most important question is this: If Tiger Woods was into this kind of lifestyle, who will be the next sports superstar to get caught? Could it be someone like LeBron James, Albert Pujols or Tom Brady?  Initially the first reaction is: “of course not.” But wouldn’t you have said that three weeks ago when asked the same question about Tiger?

Sorry Tiger, It’s Over. (By: K.J.):

I was twelve years old when Tiger Woods burst onto the golfing scene in 1996.  I have been a fan of Tiger Woods ever since…until now.

No athlete before Tiger had shown the dedication, focus and perseverance towards their craft quite like Tiger did with his golf game.

His famous “I am Tiger Woods” advertisements showed men, women and children wanting to be just like him.  He was the ultimate role model from 1996-2009.  He always said the right things at the right time, picked the proper avenues for endorsements and sponsorships, and showed an amazing drive to be the best he could possibly be every single second he was on the golf course.  How could anyone, let alone a golfer, not look up to Woods?

Tiger was the most dominant man in all of sports, and had the respect of every athlete on the planet. With the evil side of sports glaring its ugly head with steroid allegations, illegal gambling, and fixed games, Tiger was the one athlete that Americans could point to for hope. Now, unfortunately, it’s all gone.

It turns out that we were being fooled all along.  We thought Tiger slept, breathed and ate golf.  He was likened to a golf robot who was sent to Earth to do one thing: win golf tournaments.  In reality he lingered behind the velvet rope at all hours of the night, even during tournaments, looking for his next booty call. The initial news has taken a turn for the worse even, now there are rumblings of: drugs, alcohol, prostitutes and porn stars. What the hell was Tiger into?

Even television golf announcers would talk about the pure dedication of Tiger and how he never took his mind off of the game between his first tee shot on Thursday and his final putt on Sunday. It was all a lie…a magnificent front put on by ‘Team Tiger’ for the better part of his twelve years in the spotlight.

No longer is Tiger Woods the clean cut, prototypical American super athlete.  He is now the public face for celebrity sleaze and terrible judgment. He is now the prototypical cheating husband and a rather poor father figure for his, or any, children to look up to.

America used to go nuts for any golf item bearing a Nike swoosh or Tiger’s”TW” symbol, as it was the mark of a champion and a classy individual. Now, I refuse to wear any “TW” gear in public in order to avoid conversations about the topic.

Tiger Woods has robbed the die-hard golf fan of the most important and entertaining three year stretch in golf history.  The period of time when Tiger zeroed in on Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 major championship wins would have been epic. Now, I could care less is Tiger even wins major #15.  Actually, I hope he never does.

I’m not dumb, however. I still have no doubt that Tiger Woods has more talent and skill in his big toe than a majority of PGA Tour pros do in their entire body. But here is one major factor to consider: Has Tiger ever been the bad guy? Has Tiger ever had to compete on Sunday with a crowd rooting against him? It will be interesting to see how Tiger reacts to these changes, which will be more widespread than one may think.

(Side note: No question that Phil Mickelson is now golf’s #1 man. After his crusade against his wife Amy’s breast cancer during the summer of 2009 and his creative play around the greens, I think that the American golf fan will pile on his bandwagon against Woods.)

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  1. December 12, 2009 at 10:55 am

    “I feel bad for Elin Nordegren.” Please don’t feel 2 bad. Elin a business woman. She went in knowing he could, literally, screw up. So she dried that one tear w/one hand and re-negotiated her pre-nup contract with the other. 5 mill now and up to 75 mil vs the 10 she was guaranteed if they stayed married for 10 years. <—-Typical contract re-negotiation. Not bad. The golf club upside the head was some Extra for her having to listen to his lame text messages on Fox news. Chick gotta little Shaniqua in her, loves it.
    It's not his fault? MAKE IT STOP! "Tiger never thought he would get caught." Sure he did. He did not care. He's Tiger Woods. Winning that much gives u a sense of Entitlement. Evidence: This man was using TEXT messages on his OWN PHONE and leaving voice messages to scandalous, hoochies. Where the throw away phones? Where the go between people? He took ZERO time to cover his tracks and was playin tricks with multipule chicks but played it like a rookie. So, of course he knew hew was gonna get caught, he just did not know when. He never bet on how. He never thought his kinky little messages would play on the evening news. Did not think about all three of the girls playin him out like lotto. Never counted on the police and that golf club swinging in his rear view. It all went haywire. FAST. He scrambled, not to save his marriage, but his marketability. When Tiger's dad died, he lost his compass. So he diverted that pain into the closest set of silicone boobs he could find. He needed it 2 be all Tiger all the time. Not Elin, not the kids, just him. Just like on the golf course. Just like his dad. For for all Tiger's fame, money and Talent, he pulled a Regular guy move.
    Still, I don't judge him. Unlike many, I found myself taking up for him because hypocrisy grates my nerves. I think this should have been between he and his wife. I don't think he should loose one endorsement. If people made him out to be more than a man, That IS ON THEM. I swear, grown men walking around like they just cancelled Christmas.
    To say he could not help it, as if he was some how victimized by his success, gives him an out he does not deserve. If anything, the discipline he learned training as a super athlete should have served him well. I wish he and his family well.

  2. December 12, 2009 at 11:55 am

    Great takes on a topic that many people are very passionate about.

    You’re right in saying that people should not have made Tiger out to be more than a man. His super-human performance on the golf course fooled many of us into believing that he was, in fact, unlike any athlete we’ve ever seen before.

  3. Kam
    December 12, 2009 at 11:57 am

    You are a hypocrite by backing Phil. He has been linked to infidelity,”wife-swapping,” and having quite a gambling problem, yet you back him just because he golfed while his wife was battling breast cancer.

  4. December 12, 2009 at 1:50 pm

    Thanks for your comment. We love hearing from our readers.

    I personally don’t back Mickelson, he has been known in golf’s inner circles to be quite the asshole. (I actually heard that first hand from a caddie who has worked the PGA Tour event in Hilton Head, SC for years.)

    I just said that the American golf fan will rally behind him.

    Phil has always been #2 to Tiger. #2 in popularity, #2 in overall skill, #2 in endorsements.

    I just feel that Tiger’s behavior combined with the amount of support shown to Phil last summer surrounding his wife and mother’s battles with breast cancer will now make him golf’s most popular and marketable figure in 2010.

    Corporate America has always loved Phil. He is a wealthy, successful white male who appeals to CEO’s and important figures in the professional business world which happens to account for a majority of all PGA Tour sponsorships.

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