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The Summer of 2010 Could Change the NBA Forever

As I have previously stated the current NBA is in the best shape it has been in since the ‘Jordan Era,’ and next summer it is going to get even better.

The most anticipated NBA free agency period, and maybe most hyped in all of sports history, starts at the conclusion of the 2009-2010 season. Once the final buzzer sounds after the NBA Finals a plethora of talented and charismatic players become free agents.

NBA superstars like Kobe Bryant (Who can opt out of his Lakers contract. Unlikely, however.), LeBron James, Dewayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Joe Johnson, Tracy McGrady, Carlos Boozer, Yao Ming, and Dirk Nowitzki could all start the 2010-2011 season on new teams.

Now, let’s throw in a little imagination and guess where these players could possibly end up when the dust settles next summer.

(We’ll assume that these guys want to win, instead of the reality that they will take the biggest paycheck regardless of the team’s chance at an NBA title.)

McGrady in his 2009 Rockets game jersey.

Tracy McGrady – F – (Current team: Houston Rockets):

T-Mac will return to his old stomping grounds in Orlando after coming off of three abysmal injury plagued seasons with the Rockets.  He would also be reunited with his third cousin, Vince Carter, in their home state of Florida .

Predicted Starting Line-up:

G – Jameer Nelson

G – Vince Carter

F – Tracy McGrady

F – Rashard Lewis

C – Dwight Howard

The sheer size of the starting line-up on its own is just plain scary.  They would lead the league in flops, fake injuries, and early round playoff disasters. Fans of the old Toronto Raptors (SOGJ editor K.J.) would be in heaven seeing cousins Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady back together again.


Yao Ming – C – (Current team: Houston Rockets):

Yao is most likely tired of living in Texas and playing with subpar teammates. Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge will make an enormous push to sign Yao along with re-signing guards Jesus Shuttlesworth Ray Allen and Paul Pierce.  Both Pierce and Allen with take a home town discount from the Celtics to take a run at another championship.

Predicted Starting Line-up:

G – Rajon Rondo

G – Ray Allen

F – Kevin Garnett

F – Paul Pierce

C – Yao Ming

The Celtics will have to trade C Kendrick Perkins to make space for Yao , but it is an obvious upgrade in the paint.  It will also be rather humorous to see Yao in Celtics green.  I am willing to bet $500 that his nickname is ‘Green Giant’ within 5 hours of his signing with Boston .

White guys with headbands get extra credit points.

Dirk Nowitzki (Current team: Dallas Mavericks):

Dirk will be tired of Mark Cuban and all his antics, wheeling and dealing. He will then sign with the Denver Nuggets to play along side G Chauncy Billups and F Carmelo Anthony.

Predicted Starting Line-up:

G – Chauncy Billups

F – Carmelo Anthony

F – Dirk Nowitzki

F – Kenyon Martin

C – Nene

With this line-up the Nuggets will shatter the NBA scoring record and the single season rebounding record. It would be utterly fantastic to watch Melo’ and Dirk attempt to out shoot each other.  The Nuggets would also lead the NBA in ‘Most Awesomest White Guy Hair and Facial Hair’ by having both Dirk and Chris ‘The Birdman’ Anderson on the same roster.

Canada's best import to the U.S. since Gretzky.

Chris Bosh (Current team: Toronto Raptors):

We have several Raptors fans who read the blog (Thanks to SOGJ supporter and Raptors C Patrick O’Bryant. @13POB13 on Twitter, follow him.), so we’ll try to be delicate with the Chris Bosh situation.

Sorry Toronto , he’s gone. Bosh is one of the best players in the NBA and gets little to no exposure to us folk in the lower 48.  He’ll sign with Phoenix because he will be an amazing fit in the system and runs he floor extremely well for a big man.

Predicted Starting Line-up:

G – Steve Nash

G – Jason Richardson

F – Chris Bosh

F – Grant Hill (who still drinks Sprite, if I’m not mistaken.)

C – Channing Frye

Bosh would be a huge defensive upgrade from current Suns forward, Amare Stoudemire and a more rounded offensive player as well. His playing style would really benefit from having Steve Nash running the offense..

Would also make a great addition to the L.A. go-kart circuit.

Joe Johnson (Current team: Atlanta Hawks):

Joe Johnson loves the ATL and loves being the man, but he just wants to win. He’ll spend the summer in secret discussions with Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant and signs with the Los Angeles Lakers late in the summer.

Predicted Starting Line-up:

G – Joe Johnson

G – Kobe Bryant

F – Pau Gasol

F – Lamar Odom

C – Andrew Bynum

The Lakers would have this insane starting line-up and will still have Ron Artest to bring off of the bench to wreak havoc defensively.. This team would be just plain stupid…and almost illegal in all 50 states.

(The two biggest names of this great free agent group are clearly LeBron James and Dwayne Wade. They are both emerging into the prime of their careers and mean a great deal to their respective cities. Where they end up could change the history of the NBA.)

"Somebody, please get me out of Miami."

Dwayne Wade (Current team: Miami Heat):

This one is a two-part move. Not only with Dewayne Wade sign with his hometown team, the Chicago Bulls, but he’ll convince his good friend, and fellow USA Olympic team member, Carlos Boozer to leave Utah and sign with the Bulls as well.

Predicted Starting Line-up:

G – Derrick Rose

G – Dwayne Wade

C – Joakim Noah

F – Carlos Boozer

F – Tyrus Thomas

Noah and Thomas would finally able to play supporting roles, which they are far better suited to do, and will thrive.  Wade, Rose and Boozer, the new ‘Big Three’ in Chicago , would tear through the central division and lead the Eastern Conference for years.

LeBron in blue and orange. Get used to it Cleveland.

LeBron James (Current team: Cleveland Cavaliers):

Poor Cleveland . Poor Ohio . Always the loser, doorstep of the sporting world.

LeBron James has outgrown the small Cleveland media market and will pack up and take all of his talent, entourage, and traveling circus to Madison Square Garden . That’s right, LeBron will be a New York Knick. (This one is a lock. LeBron loves MSG and all of the celebs that fill it on a nightly basis. He was born to play there.)

Predicted Starting Line-up:

G – LeBron James

G – Nobody

F – Nobody

F – Nobody

C – Nobody

The Knicks really haven’t thought all of this out. They have been so concerned with saving cap room to sign LeBron and that’s it.

It will take him another five years, of his prime, while wasting his massive talent until the New York Knicks are able to create a team that lives up to LeBron’s very high standards and has the chance to win multiple NBA titles.

Losers of the LeBron Lottery:

Detroit Pistons – Sorry, nobody wants to spend their winter in a dying city like Detroit .)

Los Angeles Clippers- Sorry, you’re the Clippers. No chance.

New Jersey Nets – Sorry Jay-Z. Even you would choose the Knicks over the Nets if you had the choice…and you even own the Nets.

Could you imagine those Conference Finals match-ups if these moves were made?

The new-look Los Angeles Lakers vs. the high-scoring Denver Nuggets or the exciting Phoenix Suns.  How about the clash of the titans that the Boston Celtics vs. the Chicago Bulls would be? Ratings gold mine.

Poor LeBron, however, will be left out of all of the postseason excitement and average huge triple doubles in Mike Dantoni’s system, (We’re talking about stupid numbers here, something like: 39 ppg, 13 rpg, and 11 apg) but the Knicks will only win about 35 games every year.

Well, that’s the way we hope it will play out. What do you guys think? Leave us a comment or shoot us an e-mail at: screamsofgusjohnson@yahoo.com

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