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Kobe Bryant is a one-handed freak.

December 16, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Kobe is better with one good hand than most NBA'ers are with two.

Kobe Bryant is good. (After the Lakers won the title I am required by law to state this before I discuss the Black Mamba.)

Last night against the Chicago ‘We are Getting Progressively Worse’ Bulls, he scored 42 points with a broken finger on his shooting hand.  Once again for emphasis…on his SHOOTING hand.  That is borderline insane. If you have ever played basketball and even jammed, not broke, a finger then you know about how bad his hand must have hurt. But this guy just lit up an NBA team (Well, kind of. The Bulls would probably get a good game from Kentucky at this point.) with a broken finger on his right hand. What’s even more amazing is that he has no intention of sitting out at all due to the injury. He wants to keep playing (and putting up 234 shots a game) because the Lakers are winning.

I have not been the biggest supporter of Mr. Bryant throughout the years, because honestly prior to last year I felt he was a selfish, petty basketball player who hogged the ball and screamed at teammates, took quarters off to prove points, and was just an all-around lousy guy doing a poor Michael Jordan impression.

(Watch every time he hits a game winning shot or slides on the floor. It’s classic MJ, straight out of the highlight reel. Oh, how it bothers me.)

But, the man has changed and he has left that old person some where between scoring 80 points and winning his fourth championship ring. The Lakers are well on their way to another ring and this time Kobe may do it with one hand.

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