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Why ‘America’s Team’ Can’t Cut it in December

December 16, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Every single team in the NFL has talent. They all have had lottery picks, free agents, and players that rise to superstardom from out of nowhere, but nobody has more talent than the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowpokes are loaded with talent and dominate the NFC East from September to November every year, but once the calendar flips to December the team crumbles.

Keep in mind that this is not the Dallas Cowboys that most of us grew up watching. There are not future Hall of Famers at every skill position and solid role players like the teams in the 90’s had. (Cowboys Hall of Famers from the 90’s: QB Troy Aikman, RB Emmitt Smith, WR Michael Irvin, and TE Jay Novacheck…okay, so Novacheck isn’t in the real HOF, but he’s in our ‘Under-rated TE Hall of Fame’ along with current Colts TE Dallas Clark)

While there may not be future legends at every position, the current Cowboys still have massive amounts of talents on both sides of the ball compared to most NFL teams. Contrary to popular belief, I hardly believe that all of the blame should fall on the shoulders of current Cowboys QB Tony Romo. So what gives?

Umm…coaching, of course.

Former Cowboy’s coaches Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer managed the massive egos and talent about as well as Phil Jackson has done with the Bulls and Lakers dynasties. Johnson and Switzer both came from big time college football programs that had superstars, so they knew how to handle the occasional blow up or arrest. (ie: Leon Lett, his play at times was a crime. Michael Irvin and Nate Newton and their 213 pounds of Marijuana, yikes.)

Those two both knew how smothering owner Jerry Jones worked. He would write the checks and supply the talent, and you kept it in control and created a winner.

I’m sure that current Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips is a wonderful human being and a great coordinator, but he just doesn’t cut it as the coach for ‘America’s Team.’. How Jerruh Jones has gone this long accepting this stretch of underachieving is amazing.

Hopefully, the fact that plenty of high profile coaches are unemployed this year will allow Jerruh to spend some money and go get a coach that is capable of handling the talent, egos and demands that coaching ‘America’s Team’ requires.

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