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The top Cardinals moment of the decade involves Bobby Bonilla?

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I never would have thought of this as the St. Louis Cardinals top moment of the decade, but I’m glad this guy did. It really did shape the franchise for the rest of this decade and probably the next one as well.

All of the following comes from an article by St. Louis Post Dispatch writer Derrick Goold:

1. Bobby Bonilla pulls his hamstring:

On March 24, 2001, during a seemingly insignificant spring training game, switch-hitter and veteran Bobby Bonilla strained his hamstring. A week later this sentence appeared in The Post-Dispatch with La Russa explaining how Bonilla’s injury could alter the team’s 25-man roster:

“Essentially, one spot remains unaccounted for, with John Mabry, Bernard Gilkey and rookie Albert Pujols still in consideration. All three made the trip from Florida to the San Francisco Bay area Thursday night. But (with Bonilla injured) there actually could be two roster spots available.”

You know the rest. Pujols started in left field on opening day 2001 at Coors Field and the Cardinals franchise was forever changed. Pujols went on to win the Rookie of the Year Award, a Silver Slugger award at three positions, and, oh, just make a little history with arguably the best nine-year start to a career in baseball history.

This past season, as he won the first home-run crown of his career, Pujols completed a Decade Triple Crown, something done only once before in the National League, by Cardinals Hall of Famer Rogers Hornsby. Pujols, a three-time MVP before turning 30, hit .334 this decade, clubbed 366 homers and drove in 1,112 runs. He is securing a place beside Stan Musial in club history.

Just don’t forget Bobby Bo’s role.

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