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Sunday NFL Survival Kit

December 20, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

All SOGJ readers must put a hex on C.J. so I can advance to the finals in our fantasy football league.

Before throwing down your next car payment money on the games today, make sure you check out our NFL Week 15 Previews and Predictions.

(Just remember that my record indicates that I’m even money on picking against the spread and above average when picking the over/under.)

Also, before setting your fantasy line-ups in this ever so important playoff week be sure to check out the guys over at Yahoo Fantasy Sports, they usually give some good info during their live show right before kickoff of the first wave of games.

Enjoy the games! As always we will be tweeting live from the SOGJ couch keeping you as up to date and entertained as possible. (@ScreamsofGus)

Yes, receiving full signal on an iPhone is actually possible.

(P.S. – SOGJ staff members Mr. Erin Andrews and K.J. (Viking Quest III) are currently battling in separate semi-finals games for a spot in the championship. Do your boy K.J. a favor and put a hex on Chris Johnson during his game against the Dolphins. Going up against him tomorrow is scary freaking business.)

(P.S.S. – Look at the time on that screenshot taken from my iPhone (2:43 AM bitches!)…that’s mother freakin’ dedication right there! If you think I don’t love this blog enough, let that be proof to you.)

(P.S.S.S. – The team name “We have purple jesus” belongs to my father and it could possibly be the best team name ever. His fantasy roster also contains anybody who has ever played an offensive down for the Vikings in the last 13 years. Yes, this means that Warren Moon is his back-up QB.)

I must go now…I’m really damn tired and we’ve got a football game in the snow to play tomorrow morning.

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