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A Different Side of Ocho

Yesterday we all got to witness something great. What we were privileged enough to see was the true love that is shared between members of a kind of true team. Chad Ocho Cinco “Johnson” “Hachi Go” wept. He wept like a baby, and to me because of that he’s more of a man. I’ve always been a fan of Chad’s and always thought that his antics were funny and good-natured. Yesterday he became someone who I not just liked to watch, but someone I respected.

You’re possibly thinking right now that didn’t I just get done ripping Timmy Tears Tebow apart for this? No, this is something very different. Tebow cried because he lost a game, and at the end of the day thats all it is, is a game. Ocho cried because he lost a friend, a teammate, and as all of us know that have ever been a part of a team, a brother and family member.

Some analysts and media morons have said they think Ocho’s tears were all just a show. More of his usual antics. Statements like that are why I feel very strongly that if you’ve never played sports, never been a part of a team in some manner then you have no business covering them at all. Anyone that has ever been a part of a team would never make such comments. Teams become a family. These guys spend a good portion of their year spending a good portion of their days with each other. They bleed, they sweat, they eat and they sleep as one. There maybe arguments and fights but, what family doesn’t have those. Being of the same position Ocho and Henry would have spent even more time together. They even had the saying that 85 + 15 = 100 ways to be great.

Dont try to tell me the tears weren’t real. I’ll punch you in the face till you cry and tell you your tears aren’t real either.

Life is short. Something we all probably were reminded of this weekend. So have fun with it. You never know when it could be your last play..

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