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Braves lay an egg

The Bradley Men’s Basketball team got absolutely throttled on Sunday in Ames, Iowa against the Big 12’s Iowa State. The final score is not reflective of how putrid the Braves played 87-68. The Cyclones led by as many as 32 in the second half. This moves the Braves record to 5-5 entiring MVC play in 8 days against Drake.

You wonder what the state of the team is when Coach Les openly apologizes for his teams effort and toughness. I know this, that on paper Bradley’s Men’s Basketball should be a very talented team, but they don’t play the game on paper.

This game could very well be a defining point of the Braves season. As an alumni I sure hope that this team can figure it out and quit underachieving with all the talent they have.

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  1. Elizabeth English
    January 5, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    It must be very demoralizing for the team to have the coach behave this way. My father was a coach for years and he would have never treated his teams like this. I feel bad for the players. I know that they must have been trying their hardest and to have the coach dog them like this, I don’t feel that’s right. The coach must have anger issues. I think that the team’s bad playing reflects more on this coach than the team.

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