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Just give it up

There are few things in sports as painful as seeing someone break a bone like Joe Theisman or Robin Ventura or watching someone trying to make money for the team that he is running(sorry Mike you brought it on yourself), but the worst could be watching guys who used to be good get old really fast.

Currently there are a couple players who just need to give it up already and call it a career. They are like that kid you don’t invite to the party you throw and then he ends up crashing on your couch and you wake up and he is making breakfast and your too nice to tell him to leave.

T.O. has fallen victim to old age and the black hole that is Buffalo.

Terrell Owens-You look like your in shape, you act like your good, you talk like you are the same TO you used to be, “Who can make a play, YOU CAN’T!” I know you love you some you but give it a rest. You have a hard time beating linebackers off the line. You were once the most dominant reciever in football and now you run routes slower than most tightends, time to hang it up.

Hey Shaq and A.I., it's time to give it up. It's not 1999 anymore.

Shaq- This is about 4 years overdo. We get it your goofy and freakishly large, but it’s getting old. You can only dance and say stupid things so much before it just gets old. Can you really live with stats like 8 points 6 rebounds. You used to get 35 points and 15 rebounds on a nightly basis. Time to go Shaq Celebrity Fit Club is waiting.

Allen Iverson- Though we love Iverson here at SOGJ, it’s time. You should have stayed retired. You have had a better career than this to go out and score 11 points a night. Time to retire to Virginia, open a string of Allen Iverson training facilities and enjoy your NBA pension.

ManRam in left field is slower than one of those motorized carts in Wal-Mart.

Manny Ramirez-No steroids, no glove, can’t his a fast ball, your hair isn’t funny anymore and no one likes Manny being Manny. You helped a young Dodger team become a very good team now retire and become an eccentric hitting guru like Tom Sellack did at the end of Mr. Baseball.

Give it up guys it is time to go. Younger stars are here to take the leagues to new levels we promise we will miss you now please just leave!

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