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What really happened?

Last night, with the Vikings leading the Panthers 7-6 Brad Childress had a discussion with Brett Favre. They both claim that the reason was Chilly wanted to get Brett out of the game because Julius Peppers was bum rushing Minnesota’s offensive line and pretty much getting to Brett whenever he felt like it. (Picture a fat guy and a buffet trying to get seconds…. Got it… that was Julius Peppers last night)

We have found that this conversation is just a cover up and here at SOGJ we have gotten the play by play from the actual conversation.(This information may or may not have been provided by Vikings back up QB Tavaris Jackson)

Chilly(in his scratchy child molestor voice) How you doing Brett?

Brett(in his Mississippi good ole boy awe shucks drawl) You know I am not feeling real….comfortable…

Chilly:For the last time you can’t play in your Wranglers, NFL rules not mine.

Brett:Dang it, I had to try.

Chilly: I know. Your getting pretty beat up out there.

Brett:I know, I have a favor to ask. Put Sage in.

Chilly:We have been over this Brett, no.

Brett: Come on he hasn’t played all year give him a shot, I told him I could make it happen.

Chilly: How about I put Tavaris in?

Brett: NO! I would rather stay in the game and get killed the rest of the night.

Chilly: I will give Sage the last 2 mins if its a blowout.

Brett: Put him in now or you are going to get good ole gunslinger Brett the rest of the night!

Chilly: I am not putting him in go ahead and sling all you want, he is not getting in this game.

Brett: Fine! You asked for it.

Brett walks back over to Sage who is holding Brett’s helmet like a little kid.

Sage(in his little kid I am excited to be near Brett Favre voice):Well Brett what did he say? Can I play?

Brett: He said no. Sorry Sage, I tell you what gimme your helmet, you can wear mine the rest of the night, I gotta go force some throws.

Sage(with a huge smile on his face): Gee thanks Brett!

Brett:Sure thing Sage, sure thing.

Brett then returned to the field and you know the rest.

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