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NFL Week 15 Review

Packers at Steelers

This was difficult but I chose this as the best game of the weekend. This game had absolutely everything that you would want in an NFL game. Bad coaching calls(Omar Epps onside kick), huge statistical game(Big Ben’s 503 yards passing), and a touchdown as time expired on an unbelievable catch. All this equals a Steelers 37-36 victory. The Steelers improved to 7-7 while the Packers fell to 9-5 and the loss helped clinch the NFC north for the Vikings.

Bengals at Chargers

This game was less about the game itself and more about Chris Henry. How could it not be? The 26 year old reciever died this past week and his teammates fought as hard as they could in his memory. This included Chad Ochocinco openly weeping after scoring a touchdown. This was actually a great game that ended with a game winning drive by cry baby Phillip Rivers. I really wish the Bengals could have pulled this one out. Final score Chargers 27 Bengals 24

Dallas at New Orleans

The day the music died. I really wish Drew Brees and his magic arm could have pulled this one out. It was a great game that saw the Saints fight back from down 24 to 3 all the way to have a late drive to go for the tie with the score 24-17. Sadly a fumble and victory formation had the Saints going home unhappy. Wade Phillips saved his job for another day and the Cowboys got off the December shnide. Final score Dallas 24 New Orleans 17

Indianapolis at Jacksonville

Peyton Manning, Peyton Manning, and more Peyton Manning. On the road, down a touchdown, perfect season on the line, NO PROBLEM! Peyton Manning not only has the best commercials on TV, he is the best QB in the NFL, hands down, no argument, its a fact. So Peyton Manning enough said. Final score Indy 34 Jags 31

Other Scores

Giants 45 Redskins 12(sleeper from the start)

Patriots 17 Buffalo 10(Any game with Buffalo is unbearable)

Arizona 31 Detroit 24(Beanie Welles was a stud)

Tennessee 27 Miami 24 in OT(Vince Young just wins football games)

Cleveland 41 Kansas City 34 (BRADY QUINN!!!! Actually Josh Cribbs was the star)

Oakland 20 Denver 19 (Come on Denver you can’t lose to Oakland)

Philly 27 San Fran 13 (Philly most dangerous team going right now)

Tampa Bay 24 Seattle 7 (Seattle still has a team?)

Baltimore 31 Chicago 7(2 more int’s for good ole J Cutty)

Carolina 26 Minnesota 7 (Julius Peppers owned this game)

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