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All Decade NBA 2000-2010

Over the next two days we are going to be presenting the SOGJ All Decade picks for the years 2000-2010 and of course we are going to do it SOGJ style. We will go through different groups for each sport. We will start here with the NBA.

All Decade team-We looked at all the championship teams of the decade and the best player in the league and tried to create the best team. Our requirement for this team is you had to make an NBA Finals.

F-Tim Duncan-Arguably the best player of the decade

F-Kevin Garnett-Barely snuck in. Thank you Boston, played most of the decade in Minnesota

G-Kobe Bryant(Yes J.C. he is a good basketball player and he belongs on this team)

G-Chauncy Billups-This was a tough one, Tony Parker won more but he had TIMMAY!

C-Shaquille O’Neal-Won Four titles in the decade and in the first 3 was unstoppable

G-Dwayne Wade-Almost single handedly won the 2006 title

G-Allen Iverson-He was the only reason the Sixers made the finals. Other starters Aaron McKie, Eric Snow, George Lynch, Dikembe Mutumbo, yikes!

F-Robert Horry-Big Shot Bob he won 7 NBA titles 5 in this decade

G-Jason Kidd-Led the Nets to back to back finals

F-Lebron James-Similar to Iverson, and single handedly beat the Pistons in the conference finals.

That’s our 10. Thats a pretty tough team to beat.

Best Knicknames of the Decade

Shaquille O’Neal-The Big Aristotle,The Big Cactus, The Big Shaqtus,The Diesel

Vince Carter-Half Man Half Amazing, Vinsanity, Air Canada

Chauncy Billups-Mr. Big Shot

Robert Horry-Big Shot Bob

Kobe Bryant-The Black Mamba

Worst Knicknames of the Decade

Lebron James-King James(Come on Nike you can do better than that. We like Lebronius)

Kevin Garnett-The Big Ticket(eh)

Chris Paul-CP3 (Couldn’t we give him something better than his initials and his number)

Best Jersey of the Decade

This was a tough one because of so many throw backs being worn but I think they don’t count since they were taken from another decade after much thought we decided on these

Old School Raptors Jersey circa 2000 when Vince Carter was real good.

Coach of the Decade-No doubt Phil Jackson

Team you wouldn’t want to mess with-1999-2000 Lakers. This was Shaq at his peak of athletic ability and Kobe pre-a-hole phase. This team was just good. They finished the regular season at 67-15 and went 15-8 in the playoffs.

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  1. Jordan
    December 24, 2009 at 5:26 pm

    No 2-time MVP Steve Nash? Rough list…good, but Steve Nash deserves it.

  2. December 24, 2009 at 5:44 pm

    Love Nash didn’t meet the criteria never made the Finals.

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