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MLB Team of the Decade

Here we go MLB team of the decade. We are going to go position by position, one right handed starter and one lefty, and of course a closer. We will have worst announcer and jersey of the decade, also what if these guys never got lost it. We will not divide it by league but just straight talent. These guys have to not only produce at the plate but in the field.

C-Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez- He is arguably the best defensive catcher of all time and he could swing a mean stick.

1st-Albert Pujols-In 9 years he has never batted below .314, played 3 different positions, won a World Series and 2 MVP’s, I hate the Cardinals but have to respect the Machine.

2nd-Jeff Kent- Barry Bonds favorite teammate is one of the best offensive second baseman of all time and got better defensively as the decade went on.

SS- Derek Jeter-Only batted under .300 twice in the decade to go along with 4 gold gloves

3rd-A-Rod- Other no brainer. Name me a better 3rd baseman in the decade.(Only one defensively I can think of Scotty Rolen and no one touches A-Rod’s Offensive numbers)

LF- Barry Bonds- Steroids or no steroids the man won 7 MVPs, 4 in the decade.

CF-This is the hardest one. Andruw Jones, Jim Edmonds, or Ken Griffey Jr. Well since Andruw got fat and Ken got hurt we have to go with Jimmy. This is all that needs to be said, 2/3 the world is covered by water the 1/3 is covered by Jim Edmonds

RF-Ichiro-We really wanted to put Sammy Sosa here but we couldn’t leave Ichiro of this list. He like Pujols is just a freak. 2030 hits in the decade that’s just silly.

DH-Nobody just hits better than Big Papi

Guy who just gives the teams interviews-Ricky Henderson. Ricky has to be on this team because Ricky is the man. Ricky knows what to do and Ricky loves him some Ricky.

Right Handed Pitcher-Pedro Martinez- When he was healthy he was straight filthy. If we got one game to start a right hander we are going with Pedro, plus if any 65 year old men run on the field Pedro will take care of them. Plus the jerry curl I mean come on.

Left Handed Pitcher-Randy Johnson- If we are going just based on his glorious mullet he would be our guy, but he is super duper scary. He once killed a bird with a pitch. It just exploded, poor bird.

Closer-Really? You really have to ask, Mariano Rivera. He is lights out. No chance close the door, go home and wish you didn’t have to play the Yankees.

Manager-The only guy who could manage all these ego’s and personalities Terry Francona. Plus he won two World Series

Special mention 3rd base coach-Jose Oquendo

Best Announcer-Thom Brennaman- He gets the job done, comes from great announcing family, and has a great voice.

Worst announcer- This one is a tie, Ron Santo and Tim McCarver. These two are bigger homers than should be legally allowed.

Two guys we wished still pitched

Rick Ankiel-He was so good it should have not been allowed. Blow you away fastball with a curveball that hurt your knees just to watch it.

Mark Prior-2003 he was unhittable. 18-6 and then things just went down. Imagine if these two were pitching every year with the pennant on the line.

Jersey of the Decade- This version is not as good as the one they wore in the 1990’s but it is still pretty good. The Seattle Mariners

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