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Reader Request Northwestern Basketball

Attending a midwestern private school I can empathize with the students of Northwestern University. For years and years they have watched as their basketball team has been the whipping boy for most of the NCAA. Sure they have won a few games and they have had an upset here and there but the only thing they lead college basketball in is GPA.

I am a pretty knowledgable sports fan and the only things I know about Northwestern Basketball is that their former coach, Ricky Birdsong was murdered and former wildcat Evan Eschmeyer was in school longer than Van Wilder(7 years or so).

This year it seems that things have changed. Coming off an N.I.T bid the Wildcats are 10-1. Their only loss coming to a ranked Butler team. Now they have played 8 games at home and only two on the road and one at a neutral sight. But they played and beaten ACC team NC State, Pac 10 team Stanford, Big East school Notre Dame, and Big 12 school Iowa State. They are not exactly playing the Sisters of the Blind Tech University.

They open their Big Ten season December 30th at Illinois which will be a big test. This all depends on which Illinois team shows up. Northwestern is led by two dynamic guards junior point guard Michael Thompson and sophmore shooting guard John Shurna. Shurna has scored 20 or more points 4 times and is coming of a career high 29 point performance in the teams 10th win of the year.

Why should you care? The Wildcats have NEVER made the NCAA tournament! This could be their year and who doesn’t love a cinderella. I hope that they can finish somewhere in the top 3 of the Big Ten to give themselves a legitimate shot at making the tourney. Good luck Wildcats.

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