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Merry Christmas!

Whatever your traditions are, SOGJ wants to wish you a Merry Christmas! Enjoy your family and your presents. Watch some sports today to take your mind of the inevitable skirmish that is bound to happen between you and a sibling or someone else in your family.

There is all kinds of great NBA basketball on today highlighted by the Kobe vs. Lebron matchup. This game used to be about Shaq and Kobe but Shaq got old and really fat so just look for him to do something funny prior to the game or at halftime. My guess is he will dress up like Santa for starting lineups and he will run down to the Lakers bench and present Sasha Vujacic with some scrunchies for his hair or he will give Ron Artest a hug because we all know he needs it.

Also tonight there is a great NFL matchup between the Chargers and the Tennesse Vince Youngs. Look for this one to be all about offense and running the ball. Our prediction Vince Young just wins football games Tennessee 34 Chargers 31.(Plus Phillip Rivers is the second most obnoxious quarterback in the league only because Jay Cutler is still alive.

So enjoy your day, enjoy your sports, and most importantly enjoy the ones you love.

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