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He put him in a shed!

Mike Leach the guy who gave the NFL Michael Crabtree and Wes Welker has been fired, for making one of his injured players in a shed.

Really Coach, did you really think this was a good idea? At what point in the conversations with the trainers and you assistants did, “I think your right Coach Leach lets make him sit in a shed for 2 hours” come out of some ones mouth. Not to mention the guy had a concussion.

You want to know the amazing thing I bet this is one of those times where this wasn’t even the worst thing he did. Many of Leach’s former players have already come out and defended the schools decision. When do you ever see that?

I wonder if he forced certain guys to play without pads to make them tougher, had the kicker kick the side of a dumpster if he missed a field goal, and he probably punched his quarterback every time he made the wrong read.

Mike Leach I don’t know you but you seem like a real jerk.

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