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Last night on his 25th birthday Lebron James scored 48 points and grabbed 10 rebounds 6 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks. Not a bad birthday if you ask me.

Did I mention it was his 25th birthday? This is his 7th year in the league and all he has done has put up silly numbers straight out of high school. Now here at SOGJ and among friends of SOGJ there are many heated discussions about who would you take to start a team, Lebron, Kobe(who is a good basketball player), and now Kevin Durant. Just for the record I would pick Lebron everytime.

This is a guy who came in and made an immediate impact on not only a team and a city that needed it but the entire sports world. He had Cleveland in their first finals ever in just 3 short years. Not to mention he did not have Shaq(in his prime) roaming the lane, Robert Horry(Big Shot Bob, most titles by a non Celtic great), Rick Fox, Glen Rice(my favorite NBA player to watch not named Michael Jeffery Jordan), Derek Fischer, Ron Harper(played on 3 Bulls title teams), and a cast of others like Kobe did for his first 3 titles, or the cast and crew for Kobe’s 4th title and lets not forget who was and is the coach of those Lakers teams, only the greatest NBA coach ever, Phil Jackson.

Lebron took this team into the NBA Finals, which they lost to a very good Spurs team, Larry Hughes(who historically is only behind Iverson and Old Kobe as real big team guys…insert sarcasm here), Big Z, Eric Snow, Sasha Pavlovic, SideShow Bob, Drew Gooden, Daniel Gibson, and Donyell Marshall. They were and are still coached by Mike Brown, now you tell me who is making his teammates better. Answer Lebron.

I will not talk about Durant because this is M.E.A’s argument and I would love to hear it. Kobe including himself had 3 guys on our all decade team surrounding him, while Lebron had himself and at best a couple of cartoon characters. Case closed. Gimme Lebron and I will take my chances.

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  1. NBA, NBA, we comin in your face
    December 31, 2009 at 3:10 pm

    As a pure basketball player, I have to take Kobe. He has more skill, his game is more deversified. I like Lebron but lets be honest, he has one move – drive and overpower people. Now, its a great move and at times unstoppable, but I’m taking Kobe for his ability to score in a multitude of ways. You cant hold it against Kobe that the front office in LA surrounded him with good players to help him win a championship!

  2. Get Out 'Yur Butt!
    December 31, 2009 at 3:53 pm

    This isn’t even close! Please put away your anti-Kobe bias. Just because your obsessed with Mike (and rightfully so) and naturally Kobe wanted to be like him (rightfully so; you did, too!) So close your eyes and tell me which of these two you would rather have on your team…. Would you rather have a guy who has one move, dominates the ball, has hit one big shot (and he was the most suprised person in the building!) cannot play without the ball, cheeses for the camera before, during, and after EVERY game, has to have the ball to be successful, and never had a successful post-season (let alone a ring) – OR – a guy who has a million moves, is the best on-the-ball defender in the Association, has hit hundreds of big shots, is the best closer in basketball since MIKE, is arguably the most skilled player ever, and has four rings?

    It’s ok, I’d rather have the second guy, too.

  3. Mr. Erin Andrews
    December 31, 2009 at 4:15 pm

    I must agree with the followers SM. I’d take Kobe in a heart beat too as I’ve been telling you for years! Kobe is the man right now and Lebron is hyped as the future… but maybe not! Check out the love I give my boy KD in my latest post!

  4. January 13, 2010 at 3:04 pm

    You named almost every player that played in the Finals. LeBron is good, but he is not on the level that you are trying to put him on. In the 2007 NBA Playoffs, it was revealed exactly how weak the Eastern Conference was. The bottom line was that someone had to win.

    Detroit had never meshed well all season, Miami was banged up for the entire year and the Cavs were the third best outside of those two teams. Had Wade not went down with injury, the Heat would have surged and won 45 to 54 games. Had Cleveland faced the banged-up Heat, they would have lost in the first round that year.

    The only team in the East that could have beaten Miami was Chicago and they did it, the Pistons ran out of gas on Cleveland, but had they lost to the Bulls, they would have been beaten in six by Miami in the first round. The weakness of the East was proven when the Cavs were swept by the Spurs. Detroit would have at least pushed things to five and the Heat could have beaten them.

    Many people want to credit the 21 year old James for leading his team to the Finals, but look at their competition and then look at what the 24 year old James did when his team was the best team all season.

  5. cparnes
    June 4, 2010 at 11:01 am

    When he has his first title we can have this conversation again. Until then, we shouldn’t even be having this discussion–Kobe is IT.

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