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MLB goody bag

Remember when you were a kid and your teachers all had a goody bag? You remember you did something good and you got a pencil, some candy, one of those sticky stretching hand, or a slap cuff? Well think of the Pittsburgh Pirates as MLB’s version of the goody bag.

They get the players ready, draft them, develop them, and them ship them off to other teams because they cannot afford them or they just don’t want to win.(not sure on this part here still working some of the math)

Lets look at it this way the Pirates have have 17 years of losing. Now some would say hey aren’t they just Cubs fans in a different town?(Easy K.J. easy) But no at least the Cubs made the playoffs and had 2003.(Oh 2003. What a year. Screw you Alex Gonzalez for blowing that double play ball) Anyway think of some of the talent the Pirates could have in a projected lineup for next year

C-Jason Kendall

1b-Andy LaRoche

2b-Freddy Sanchez

3b-Aramis Ramirez

ss-Jack Wilson

Outfielders-Barry Bonds(if they would take him he would go hit) Jason Bay, Nate McClouth, Andrew McCutchins, Brian Giles, Xavier Nady.

Pitcher-Oliver Perez, Zach Duke, Mike Gonzalez

You can’t tell me this team wouldn’t at least make a run at a wild card every year. I think they sure would. Instead they are happy giving other teams their good young talent in exchange for game tickets and extra money for the Pittsburgh owners to sit on.

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