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The Real Deal Kevin Durant

Lets play magical NBA GM. Lets say you get to look into your crystal ball and select one of the two following players hell I’ll make your job even easier and give you their first year numbers. (Bet Isiah wishes he had this crystal ball) Hell I’ll make your job even easier I’ll give you year two also. These two players are the same age and will both go on to win rookie of the year crowns. (Being a GM is a piece of cake where do I sign up??)

Hmm I wonder if I can pick up one of these crystal balls at Costco?...They seem to have everything....

Player A:

SF 6-8 250 lbs 7-0 wingspan 41in vertical

Year 1: GS 79 GP 79 MPG 39.5 FG%.417 3PT% .290 FT%.754 RPG 5.5 APG 5.9 SPG 1.6 BPG .7 PPG 20.9

Year 2: GS 80 GP 80 MPG 42.4 FG%.472 3PT% .351 FT%.750 RPG 7.4 APG 7.2 SPG 2.2 BPG .6 PPG 27.2

Player B:

F 6-9 230lbs 7-5 wingspan 34 in vertical

Year 1: GS 80 GP 80 MPG 34.6 FG%.430 3PT% .288 FT%.873 RPG 4.4 APG 2.4 SPG 1.0 BPG .9 PPG 20.3

Year 2: GS 74 GP 74 MPG 39.0 FG%.476 3PT% .422 FT%.863 RPG 6.5 APG 2.8 SPG 1.3 BPG 1.3 PPG 25.3

Pretty spot on almost dead even.. You have some give and take in many columns with both player A and player B swapping better numbers. You have player A who have an advantage in weight and vertical leap but also have player B who has the advantage in size and length. I’m sure you’ve caught on by now. Player A is the one and only king of ESPN Lebron James and Player B is the highly underhyped Kevin Durant.

Look I’m not by any means saying KD is better than LBJ. What I’m saying and have always said is that KD has the chance to end the end be a better all around more polished player. KD shot for better numbers in his rookie year than LBJ has yet to in his career. Something to think about for sure. Lebron is a monster a player that has changed the game and at the age of 31 25 taken over the NBA scene. But KD just turned 21 and is quickly sneaking into the conversation as one of the top handful of guys with Kobe, Melo, Wade, and LBJ think about it right now after those 4 who’s your next pick? KD has to be in the running…otherwise youd be headed down the same path as Isiah.

Another thing that is said in knock of KD and in favor of LBJ is that the Cavs have made it to the playoffs. Thats true they made it in LBJs third year this is KD’s third year now and the Zombie Sonics are right there fighting for a playoff spot in the MUCH MUCH tougher western conference I must add. You pop the Thunder into the east and they’re a lock.

No way Scott Van Pelts stealing my chair now that I have these lions!!

Again I’m by no means saying to crown KD as the king, Lebron and Kobe are on another level. Just keep in mind that there is a young hungry prince in waiting and that maybe the reign of King Lebron wont be as long as some are expecting.

Damnit.. I really gotta get me a couple of lions!

  1. December 31, 2009 at 4:20 pm

    Love the argument and I love both players just gotta take Lebron

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