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Adam Schefter Knows All

Is there any NFL story that this guy doesn’t get a hold of first. This former Denver Post writer and NFL Network employee currently works for ESPN and seems to beat Chris Mortensen and Jon Clayton(HOF) to every possible story. He is on ESPN all day long and on certain days I swear he has his own section of the ESPN ticker.

So here is my question, how did he gain his status? How do you become a NFL or NBA or MLB insider? I know it is mostly old sportswriters but when does the shift happen? Are you just another guy that is easy to talk to? You have to be able to keep a secret other wise guys wouldn’t talk to you. But what stories can you break and which ones do you have to sit on.

I wonder if they are the guy or girl in high school who just knows everything about everybody. Same principle, everyone likes them and they are easy to talk to. I only think it is a matter of time before ESPN give Mr. Schefter his own show.

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