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Daniel Snyder got a new toy

Uh OH!

Yesterday 2 time Super Bowl winning coach Mike Shanahan signed a 5 year deal to coach the Washington Redskins. This contract means absolutely nothing. I give it maybe 3 years, 4 if he makes the playoff.

The past 6 years the Redskins have showed that they do 2 things really well, play mediocre football and fire head coaches.

Daniel Snyder is the east coast Al Davis with more money. It’s to bad that no one will step up to either of the selfish money tossers and tell them they don’t know how to run a football team.

I hope for the Redskins sake they stay out of Shanahans way and let him do what he does which is win football games, and run the crap out of the football.

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  1. Get Out 'Yur Butt!
    January 6, 2010 at 1:55 pm

    Don’t forget that Mike Shanahan won like 55% of his regular season games and was 1-4 in the playoffs since Johnny #7 left town… Also, he was pretty good when he was only the coach and he was awful! when they gave him complete control of the Broncos. And the Redskins just gave him the keys. So easy there Superman, you may wanna slow down before you too far ahead of yourself…

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