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Pete Carroll felt the heat

Pete Carroll is leaving his dynasty at USC to go coach the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL. Does anyone think this sounds weird?

Think about this he has had more talent at USC than the Seahawks have  had since they made the Super Bowl a few years ago. Seattle is not a terrible job but is it good enough to leave a college where you are absolutely the man? I don’t think so. Coach Carroll knows something that we all don’t. I would not be surprised if in the next two week USC Football goes on probation for recruiting violations. This will be a shock to no one. So why stay on a sinking ship?

I don’t blame Pete for getting out now but it is a shame because he is such a good college coach and such a mediocre NFL coach. Let’s look at the records, 33-31 in the NFL and 97-16 in college(thats an 85% winning percentage)

Here is the problem, college coaches cheat. Not all of them but most of them. The good ones do the best job at not getting caught, and when they think they are not going to get caught they get busted. I feel bad for the guy that has to follow in Carroll’s footsteps and try to rebuild a program that will surely have all kinds of sanctions on it. Who knows maybe in 2 years when Pete Carroll gets fired in Seattle he will come back and rebuild the program he is about to leave.

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