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Why would you go there?

I have never been offered millions of dollars to do anything in my life so I don’t have the best perspective on this but I will give it a shot. Why in the world would a professional athlete sign with the Royal,Pirates,Browns,Raiders, Clippers, Nets, or Carolina Hurricanes(couldn’t leave out hockey)?

Now unless you are drafted and forced to go to one of those teams or you are offered stupid,silly A-Rod money why in your right mind you would go and play at any of these places on purpose. Sure the Royals, Pirates, and Raiders have some have history but these franchises in their current states are where talent goes to die. Just look at Randy Moss pre and post Oakland, completely different guy.

Athletes are fans too so why does there fan instinct not kick in and say, “Wait a second you don’t really want to sign with the Clippers, do you?” Or “how about going to play second base for the Royal?”

Here is what I suggest, let’s shrink every sports league. Why not? Commissioners are always expanding and making more teams, but doesn’t that just dilute the talent to the point where you create absolute awfulness? Imagine if we eliminated four teams from each league the extra talent that would create. We send the rest of the talent that really doesn’t belong to lesser or minor leagues and you create more super teams than you have now. Imagine some of Oakland’s or the Clipper’s talent in a well run organization?(Blake Griffin running the wing with The Celts orLakers,yikes!)

So I say get smaller, let Zach Greinke pitch in Chicago, Boston, or New York, let Baron Davis play on a team that matters, and let Darren McFadden develop some where else. If you really think about it, it makes perfect sense.

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  1. pat mooney
    January 9, 2010 at 10:59 am

    you should add the cubs to your list

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