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BU Season in Perspective

Let’s take a look at this season with a little perspective. Sure the Braves have struggled this season and maybe there is no excuse for that, but let’s look at somethings.

Despite two horrid losses to Iowa State(11-4 Big 12 school) and Missouri State (13-3) the Brave have been in every game they have played this year. Loyola beat them on a 5o foot buzzer beater, they blew a lead to a very good Western Carolina (12-3 won at Big East Louisville), played without one of their best players and lost by 12 on the road to a good Wichita St.(15-2) team. So really can we completely destroy the Brave and their Coach after every loss? Sure they could play harder and their is no excuse for that, but it is not like they have been losing to D-II schools or by 35 every night.

Let’s also look at the roster. Their only player with more than 2 years of experience(who plays significant minutes, more than 6 to 8 a game) is Sam Maniscalco. Every other player is a red shirt junior, Andrew Warren, or redshirt sophomore, Will Egolf, or freshman or sophomore. Not only did they lose one of their leaders in Dodie Dunson but they have gone through coaching changes and player suspensions. College teams are like families and losing a member mid-season would have a greater effect than you could ever realize.

I say let this team grow and let’s lay off all of them and realize that they could be very good someday if we give them a chance to develop.

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