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Today’s News

On a day where we should have been focusing on the NFL playoffs and Tennessee’s upset victory over former number 1 Kansas we were bombarded with one of the most unusual sports days ever.

1. Mark McGwire admits to using steroids. In one of the most “did we really need an admission of guilt on this?” moments in sports history,(This was about as shocking as finding out Elton John or George Michael was gay, did we really need an admission?)Mark McGwire admitted to using steroids for the better part of 1990’s. He then went on to claim that he only did them to help keep him off the disabled list and they had no effect on how many homeruns he hit. Really Mark? You regularly hit the ball 520 feet and we are not supposed to believe those balls were steroid aided?(Not to mention you hit the second most homeruns ever over a five year period second to only Sammy “I forgot English” Sosa) Come on don’t kid yourself and don’t patronize us.

2. Pete Carroll officially left USC and took he Seattle Seahawks head coaching job. He actually had a press conference to tell USC he was leaving. Who does that? When asked if his leaving had anything to do with pending NCAA investigations? He responded, “Not whatsoever I just love challenges.” Let me ask this, is there any greater challenge then staying at a school that you have just lead into NCAA probation, losing a bunch of scholarships and players to the NFL, not to mention the scrutiny of being caught cheating? Let’s see going to a team that just fired its coach in waiting after one season to bring you in for a boat load of money? Yea I love a challenge too, I would go with the cushy NFL job where there is literally no expectation of you winning, and you get to bring in your own GM so you can get the players you want too(Much bigger challenge. Pete your so smart)

3. Cuban defector 21 year old stud Aroldis Chapman signed with,

the Yankees wait the Red Sox wait the Mets wait the REDS?

None of the big market teams apparently had what this young kid was looking for. Like money or winning. Instead he will join a pitching staff that in 3 years will have the best dead arms in the bigs, Edison Volquez, Johnny Cueto, and himself. This all of course thanks to Dusty Baker who chews through young arms like the tooth picks he gnaws through during games.(Please see Matt Clement, Mark Prior, and Kerry Wood, darn you 2003!)

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