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Freakin Brett Favre!

He continues to be good and it continues to infuriate me.

Today Brett Favre led the Minnesota Vikings easily past the Cowboys team from the movie Little Giants.(34-3 pretty much pathetic)

The Dallas defense who had been playing so well the past few weeks rarely even breathed on Favre and the times that they did, the plays had already been called dead. This meant that Mr. Favre was allowed to sit back and whiz the ball all over the field(mainly to Sidney Rice and Percy “the incredible hulk” Harven) and Jared Allen and the Minnesota defense took care of the rest.

Now we have to watch the old man jump all over the place for another week throwing his hands in the air like a stupid kid every time he throws a touchdown. Even worse imagine if they make it past New Orleans? An entire week of having to listen to him answer questions.(Insert gun barrel to mouth and pull trigger)

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