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Keith Brooking It was my fault

Vikings tight-end Visanthe Shiancoe scored late in Sunday’s playoff game when the score was already 27-3, and Dallas linebacker Keith Brooking took offence. He claimed that is was BS and that the Vikings were just running up the score.

I am here to say sorry Keith, it was my fault. While sitting watching the final minutes of the game today, some one remarked why are the Vikings just not kicking a field goal and I responded, ” Shiancoe hasn’t gotten his touchdown yet so they are going to get one for him.” Or something close to that, and sure enough one great catch later I was a psychic. So you can blame me Kieth, I really am sorry. Let’s just look at it this way, you have an entire off season to accept my apology. So once again, my bad. I hope we can move on from here.

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