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These two don’t like each other

While watching today’s Jets Chargers game I noticed something… Phil Simms really can’t stand calling football games with Jim Nantz.

You could hear the disdain in Phil’s every time Jim asked him a moronic question. So hear is my suggestion, we allow Jim Nantz to continue doing a sport he is truly good at talking about, golf(few have a better golf voice than Jim Nantz) and we replace him with, of course Gus Johnson for every major sporting event that takes place on CBS. This would include the NFL playoffs and the NCAA tournament(We may or may not already have a rough draft for a petition to let Gus call every single NCAA game, would you doubt us on this one).

Or we lock Jim and Phil in a UFC cage and let them slug it out. We could even get, you guessed it, Gus Johnson to do play-by-play!

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