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What is Lane Kiffin’s secret?

So you are telling me that after being a graduate assistant, wide receivers coach, recruiting director, offensive coordinator, NFL head coach, and University of Tennessee head coach, Lane Kiffin is not ready to be the USC coach?

He has had all of those jobs and he doesn’t turn 35 until May. So he either is completely qualified and knows exactly what he is doing or he gives the world’s greatest interview and has unbelievable references. Either way we know that he will at least keep USC in the news for any number of reasons similar to the way he got Tennessee back in the news. Whether is was calling out Urban Meyer from the first day on the job at UT or cheating openly on an Outside the Lines report on how good of a job he was doing at UT. He made UT Football relevant for the first time since a guys named Peyton played for them. (Baseball all-star Todd Helton was his backup at QB) So we know he knows how to create buzz around a program.

The problem that he is facing is that he is leaving a program that may have NCAA sanctions caused by him and entering a program that may have NCAA sanctions that are also caused by him.(He recruited Steffan Johnson, Joe McKnight, and Matt Barkley) Don’t tell me he doesn’t have Pete Carroll’s new number in Seattle on speed dial.

So I say let the Lane Kiffin Era at USC begin. The only thing is if Wade Phillips gets fired by the Cowboys how quickly will Lane take that job?

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