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Two NFL Problems

Roger Goodell is arguably the best commissioner in all of sports. He is without a doubt the commissioner of the single most popular sport in America. No other sport is talked about as much as NFL football year-round. (I hate hearing about OTA’s in June just dumb)

Even though he has done such a great job cracking down on all the convicts and former convicts that the NFL houses there are two things that he has dropped the ball on, The Pro Bowl and Super Bowl Halftime.

The Pro Bowl is the single most boring and little watched all-star game in sports. I would argue that the MLS all-star game would give it a run for its money. So what to do Roger, move to the week before the Super bowl! Only if we cared. There needs to be something more, something to grab our interest. How about we play it in a large arena and use arena rules, why not, all-star games are supposed to be all about offense this would guarantee it. You could also put monetary values on statistics accumulated in the game. This would give all the players incentives to play hard.

The Super Bowl Halftime show was ruined(or peaked depending on who you talk to) 6 years ago! Thats how long we have had to put up with 60’s something rockers who we know won’t cause a stir(Although The Boss did hump the camera last year on his stage slide) This year we have to endure The Who. Now don’t get me wrong they were and are one of the greatest rock bands in the history of music but their last hit was in 1978 “Who are you” which means that most of the NFL’s players were not born when this was released. I love classic rock as much as the next guy but come on give us a compilation at least. Throw somebody born in the 1980’s up there with them.

These are my suggestions Mr. Goodell do with them what you will.

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