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Really Allen? Really America?

Allen Iverson was voted this week as an Eastern Conference All-Star starter. Really? America what are you thinking? So let me get this straight Iverson fans you admire a guy who has ruined the last three teams he has been on because he is unable to accept the fact that his skills are declining? Sure let him start an all-star game.

I will say this I loved old Allen Iverson. He is barely 5’11 and 160 soaking wet and he get beaten on more than any NBA player the last 20 years but this is not that guy. This is the guy who can’t make those same terrible shots he used to make regularly. This is also a guy who has played 20 games this year. 20! Thats less than half of this seasons total. Here is my thought if you wouldn’t have been selected by the coaching staff to play as a reserve you shouldn’t be a starter. But alas the fans are in control and Philadelphia is a large city and they love Allen Iverson. Now that he is in there is no way and I mean NO WAY Iverson is not starting this game.

But I do wonder, will he show up for the all-star game practice?

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