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Shocking NBA Season

Closing in on the NBA All-Star break there are a few pleasant surprises floating around the season this year. The first is Stetch Armstong Kevin Durant and his Oklahoma City Thunder. You need to watch them to truly appreciate how good they are. Durant is the stud, the guy they will go to down the stretch and if they make the playoffs look out scoring records but they have much more. They have a lock down defender in Thabo Sefolosha.(Former Bull good trade guys) They have a good young, big, point guard in Russell Westbrook. He can distribute and get his own shot. To compliment both of those two finesse guys they have a crew of hard working do anything type guys led by 3rd year player Jeff Green(He is sneaky good think a stronger Scottie Pippen, not near as good as Scottie but same mold) Rookie James Harden brings scoring off the bench and Nick Collison helps with the dirty work. If I was a Western Conference team I would hate to meet them in the first round.

The Charlotte Bobcats are a good basketball team. Yes I just typed that and computer did not immediately lock up. How can that be you ask? Larry Brown that’s how. Michael Jordan hasn’t done much good as an executive but if I were him I would take full credit for that hire. There may be no other coach in NBA history that gets the absolute most out of average players than Larry Brown.(See his Sixers teams and name someone other than Allen Iverson from those teams) The strange thing is that this team is led by Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson(the same Stephen Jackson who was once suspended for fighting fans) The thing that they have going for them is that they are in the East and have a good shot at making the playoffs.

The Memphis don’t call us Vancouver Grizzlies are 4 games over .500 this season. Led by a crew of young players and Zac Randolph this is a team that you should be scared of. (They have two of the oldest look ing young guys in the league on their roster Randolph and Sam Young) Rudy Gay is explosive and athletic and very difficult to guard. O.J. Mayo can explode for 40 on any given night. Mike Conley runs the point and is solid. Marc Gasol has lots of facial hair and is Spanish. They really have all their bases covered.

These three teams can hopefully continue to build on their early success and attempt to upset some people moving towards the playoffs. I can say with some certainty no one in the League wants to see any of these teams in any round of the playoffs.

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  1. asdf
    January 26, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    Screams of Gus Johnson weak. Ya’ll need ta step yo game up!

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