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The New Dynamic Duo

Much of the attention that the Minnesota Vikings have gotten this year has gone to Brett Favre and the ridiculous Minnesota defensive line but their are two guys that I feel are the heart and soul of this team, Percy Harvin and Sidney Rice.

Harvin who was extremely well-known coming out of Florida as Tim Tebow’s favorite target and all around unstoppable offensive weapon(also biggest idiot at 2009 NFL combine, we are going to tell you when the drug test is, so don’t be high when you take it, ok?) We watch him play every week and realize he is a freak but we have only scratched the surface. Percy’s mom was a track star and his sister ran track in college. He won National championships in Pop Warner and College, he won a state title in high school and won 5 different events in the state track finals. He also helped his team make a state final in basketball. Percy’s problem is that all along the way he has gotten into trouble so he has created a slight character issue reputation.(This explains why he fell all the way to the 22nd pick in the draft.) He has yet to have a problem in the NFL so let’s hope he can stay on the right track.

Sidney Rice on the other hand had truly come out of no where. He was a two sport stud in high school where he led the football team to one state title and basketball team to back to back titles. While attending the University of South Carolina he broke the schools career touchdown and yards records in just two years. They were both held by former NFL star Sterling Sharpe. After being drafted 44th in 2007 he had a good rookie year and slumped his second year. He has blossomed with Brett Favre and become his favorite target.

If these two are flying up and down the field tomorrow it will be an awful long day for the Saints. As I am writing this Percy Harvin’s status is still up in the air for tomorrows game. He battles terrible migraines. We shall see if he is able to play.

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