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My dream dunk contest

In two short weeks sports fans will hopefully be entertained with one of the great dying events in sports, The NBA All-Star Dunk Contest. The problem with this contest is that we have seen everything! No one have come along and given us anything new since Vince Carter. He electrified the event and gave us something we have never seen. The fact that Nate Robinson once won this contest after getting 14 attempts at the same dunk makes this event a joke. So I decided to come up with my dream dunk contest featuring all the guys I wish we could see against each other.

Obviously Vince would have to participate. It’s really the only time he is on a basketball floor that he doesn’t flop while attempting to draw phantom fouls.

Next of course would be some legends, Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkens, Julius Erving, and David Thompson. All these guys revolutionized the dunk and turned into artistry.

I figure 3 more round out a pretty good contest at 8 contestants. Lebron James(I just really want to see what he would actually try), James White(this guy could dunk from the free throw line with two hands), and Ronnie Fields(Chicago legend played high school ball with Kevin Garnett, broke his neck in a car accident and never was the same.) Here is a taste of what James White can do.

This is Ronnie Fields and remember all these dunks were in high school.

So who would win you ask? Well I actually think that MJ and Nique would be eliminated first followed by Lebron. I just think that their creativity is still behind the other dunkers. Leaving Vince, Ronnie Fields, James White, David Thompson, and Dr. J. These are maybe the most creative dunkers in the history of the game and I don’t know how anyone could pick a winner. For argument sake I will take James White and Dr. J in the finals. I think this would be the greatest dunk showdown in the history of dunk contests. My pick would be James White. The guy can dunk legitimately from the free throw line with two hands! That’s all that needs to be said.

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