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A moment of silence for the Big Hurt..

I’ve been what I like to call semi-retired from the blog lately. Still throwing out ideas to SM for articles and have even started and not finished a few also. But today brought inevitable news that has brought me out of retirement. That news was the retirement of Frank “The Big Hurt” Thomas. As a kid I loved the big hurt he is definitely on my list of top 5 all time favorite non Cardinals players ever.

It all started many years ago with a pack of baseball cards and a home run race.  Before PED’s and the Big Mac vs Corking Sammy Sosa, before Barry Bonds inflated head and inflated ego. There was Griffey vs Thomas, “The Kid” vs “The Big Hurt” and I truly loved it. It captivated me for an entire summer. It also helped that one day during this race for a HR crown that I opened a pack of upper decks and found one of those crazy “Rare Refractor Gold Eddition Super Mega Awesome Way Overvalued” baseball cards.  The Big Hurt was close though also just a few hours north of my home town in Chicago and luckily he didn’t play for the sCrUBS so it was ok for me to root for him.

But in an era that we now all know was ever so tainted the two before mentioned athletes are few of the stars we can look at with pretty great certainty and know that they did it the right way. The same way that Willie, Joe, Mickey, and The Babe did. Those are crazy names to bring up but when you look at the numbers there really not.

All time Home Runs Thomas ends his career in 18th tied with TED WILLIAMS and WILLIE MCCOVEY! Not too bad of company. End up with 1,704 Runs a .301 BA and 2,468 hits. His is one of only six players to ever win back to back AL MVP’s a couple of the other names on that short list are some guys named Marris, Mantle, Yogi Berra, and Jimmie Fox again in pretty good company. Maybe the most exclusive club Thomas is in is the 300 batting average, 500 home runs, 1,500 RBI, 1,000 runs and 1,500 walks in a career only 4 players ever have achieved that honor along with Mel Ott, Babe Ruth, and Ted Williams.

Thomas was a 5 time all-star, a world series champ, a 4 time silver slugger, 2 time MVP and the 2000 AL Comeback player of the year.

Thomas was always very outspoken against the use of PED’s and always chose to hit his homers fueled by steaks and cheeseburgers instead of Andro and Cream n Clear.

Thomas may not be a first ballot guy. If you look at the numbers though and look at the company with him in those numbers it should be a no brainer first ballot. If The Babe, Mickey, or Ted Williams came up for enshrinement today it would be no question the same should be said for The Hurt.

So a tip of the batting helmet to Thomas from me and one last curtain call for the big fella…

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