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Let’s Fire Roy Williams

Coach Roy Williams has underachieved this year at the University of North Carolina so I say let’s fire him. Sure he has won a couple titles at UNC but hey this year is no good so lets give him the ax. While were at it isn’t it time that Coach K got the boot. He hasn’t won a national championship in a while and his teams seem to continue to underachieve and they wear black uniforms sometimes too so thats no good.

Both of those example are clearly ridiculous and let’s not think that I am putting a certain Bradley coach in that pedigree but the point is a teams expectations have to match what they are capable of. So should Bradley compete for a National Title every year and win the Valley every year and make the NCAA every year? Well when you show me a Valley school that has for 10 or 12 years consistently then I will agree with you.

Sure you can point to periods of time where certain teams have made runs Bradley and Wichita in the 80’s (legally or not we will never know) but lets not try to compare the teams of the 50’s and 60’s to the modern NCAA. Thats not fair to this years team and there coach. Could the Braves do better? Sure they could but will they ever be at the level that BU fans expect them to be, I don’t know? Those are pretty lofty goals.

After reading about uniform colors and how they obviously effect the way a team plays it got me thinking. Aren’t the numbers on the Bradley Uniforms black? Shouldn’t we have those changed for a different color? I mean they aren’t part of the BU color scheme. Also, let’s make Jim Les and his staff and anyone on the bench wear red and white. Let’s not cater to fans and do something different for a change the only way we can operate is by doing things the way they have always been done. Let’s compare every Bradley team to legendary teams and legendary talent. I think that’s fair.

All I am saying is let’s be realistic. The Sweet Sixteen year was a perfect storm of everything clicking the right way at the right time. Can it happen again, led by Jim Les? Why not he recruited the majority of the talent the first time around. Let’s start being realistic with our expectations so we can then truly be objective.

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