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Lebron James Lite

How does a 6’7 point guard who averages 20 points 5 assists and 9 rebounds sound to you NBA general managers? I have to think that during this summers draft if Mr. Evan Turner decides to leave school that he will give John Wall a run as the number 1 pick.

After watching him absolutely destroy Illinois I am declaring him Lebron James Lite. Obviously he is not as freaky athletic as the King but he is pretty darn good. Whether he was setting up teammates with no look passes, rebounding the ball and going end to end, or just hitting a 15-17 foot jump shot Evan Turner controlled that game. He was extremely enjoyable to watch and it was absolutely effortless.

If he does have one major hang up it is his shooting. It is inconsistent but he makes up for it by going hard to the rim. But the same was said about Lebron when he came into the league so it would make sense that Lebron Lite would also need to improve his shooting. I would love to see him drafted by a Western Conference team that was one good player away and in two or three years meet up with the Real Lebron in the finals and have an epic battle.

Could he be the player that could some day equal Lebron in all the amazing things he does? I don’t know but I am going to keep watching him get better and I can’t wait till he is unleashed on the league.

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  1. asdf
    February 15, 2010 at 11:32 am

    Thats assuming Lebron can make it to the finals. He caught lightning in a bottle one year in a WEAK Eastern Conference before getting broomed out of the finals. He’s hit one big shot in his career and that ONLY kept them from NOT getting swept by the Magic. Lebron can’t FINISH, so he won’t even be in the finals!

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