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Worst Dunk Contest EVER!

A few things from last nights dunk contest: how funny Charles Barkley is. The fact that Reggie Miller threatened to go get gym shoes to show up the dunkers in the contest(According to Alias sports bureau Reggie Miller dunked 3 times in his NBA career.I actually searched Reggie Miller dunks on Google and my computer laughed at me.) The fact that, for the exception of Demar DeRozen’s second dunk, any of the dunks could have been done in a high school game. Finally that Dominique Wilkins in his street clothes and loafers could have come up with better dunks than what we saw last night.

Has the dunk contest really come to this? No one has any creativity or desire to make the dunk contest what it should be? Sure Nate Robinson is small and it is great to watch him jump but we have seen it for 3 years now, it loses its novelty after year one. Then to add insult to the fact that the contest sucked they had a guy who could have one the dunk contest with his eyes closed hand Nate Robinson his winner’s trophy.(Taurian Fontenette he does a 720 dunk)

If it doesn’t get better I think it may be time to scrap the dunk contest. Last nights display was beyond pathetic and truly disappointing for an event that has given the NBA such great memories. As I sit here and watch the NBA all star game I have already seen 3, 4  better in game dunks than all but one of the dunks from last night. Even if they just locked Lebron, DWade and, Dwight Howard in a gym and said goof around it would be better than what we saw last night. Please NBA fix it, I am begging you.

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